29 Guest Bathroom Ideas to ‘Wow’ Your Visitors

Posted on the 26 February 2019 by Harp Times @harp_times

Some people think they don’t really need some guest bathroom ideas to make it more interesting. Because this bathroom is one of the least-used rooms in the house, it would only be used when you have some visitors to stay for the night.

But, when the time comes, this bathroom suddenly gets in the spotlight. It would be troublesome for you if you don’t prepare a well-designed bathroom. You have to design the guest bathroom that can go with anyone.

Anyway, the holidays are coming. Some of your guests might be ready to visit your house. Some members of your big family such as parents-in-law and colleagues, need to be served as a special person. Well, there are only a few days left to ramp up the bathroom for guest.

So, here are 29 guest bathroom ideas to wow your guests. Some of them might be perfect for another bathroom too.

Stone Wall Accent Guest Bathroom Ideas

1. Decorative Stone Wall Tile

Guest Bathroom Ideas Decorative Stone Wall Tile

It’s a stunning choice to create a focal point in the bathroom. The sunlight from the window exposes the texture of the stone wall tile even more. That makes this guest bathroom more interesting

This small bathroom has a complete element. The modern bathroom vanity set looks enormous. It stands itself as the main furniture in this bathroom.

2. Bathroom Design with Patterned Wall Tile

Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom Design with Patterned Wall Tile

Check out this impressive guest bathroom. It’s got an unusual design of wall tile. From this point of view, it looks like a stone brick wall but it’s actually a mosaic bathroom wall tile. It’s applied only around the wall area of vanity.

Besides the tiled wall, three shelves above the toilet offer more space to store your bathroom items like towel and others. To spread a natural atmosphere, some potted plants have to be included in the wall decor.

3. Wall Tile and Bricked Wall Combo

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wall Tile and Bricked Wall Combo

Inside the walk-in shower, you can enjoy an interesting view of a combination of wall tiles and brick wall. The modern and natural feelings look like a perfect combination for a bathroom.

Inside the walk-in shower, it uses pebbles flooring that improves the natural value of this bathroom. As a bathroom for guest, this is more than enough.

4.  Half Bathroom Stone Wall

Guest Bathroom Ideas Half Bathroom Stone Wall

For the record, this is the real stone wall accent you can get for your bathroom. It’s something that could steal the show inside the guest bathroom in your house. The visitor would be amazed by the mood you build for this bathroom.

The hanging light pendants are very supportive to light up the stone wall accent and it makes the texture appeared beautifully. With the sink, it’s furniture that connects modern to vintage.

Guest Bathroom Ideas with Wall Tile

5. European Minimalist Style

Guest Bathroom Ideas European Minimalist Style

It’s something you should have for your guest bathroom. It looks like a bathroom you find in a luxurious 4-star hotel. The European style can be flexible for any kind of bathroom.

It’s got marble tiling on the wall and flooring. Those touches bring culture into this small bathroom and it also makes the room more consistent.

  • A touch of luxury is added by the rain shower and hand-held faucet in the bathtub area.
  • The deep soaking tub sits well on the background.
  • There’s open towel storage to let you show your fluffiest towels. It’s one of the impressive bathroom storage ideas.

6. Elegant Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest Bathroom Ideas Elegant Guest Bathroom Ideas

Check out this stylishly elegant design for your bathroom. You can update your guest bathroom to get it more comfortable and relaxing. The cool color scheme in this bathroom offers a stunning vibe into the mix. It’s one of the interesting bathroom color ideas.

The floor and wall tile work together to set a fantastic atmosphere for your visitor. The sense of cool and warm are blended together in one room.

7. A Modern Meets Industrial Style

Guest Bathroom Ideas A Modern Meets Industrial Style

Some of the wall tile designs are just looking like a painted wall. But, the designer of this bathroom decided to play with the thin space between the tiles. The black lines applied all over the bathroom. It creates a remarkable vibe around the bathroom.

Some other accentual black elements like the mirror frame, shower cover frame, faucet, baseboard for lighting, and that ceiling level pipe. It’s got dark black flooring to dim the brightness in this guest bathroom.

8. Small Bathroom with Bathtub

Guest Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom with Bathtub

Having bathtub in a small bathroom might be a waste of space. But, giving the best service to your visitor is more important, right?

So, you don’t have to worry about the space when dealing with bathtub in your bathroom. A small bathtub won’t be a problem to be installed. It let you save some space for other activities in the guest bathroom.

9. Chic Guest Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Chic Guest Bathroom Design

A warm and beautiful design is applied to this bathroom. You don’t need a bright neutral color scheme to make a relaxing bathroom.

This warm color scheme would also help you relax your body. The elegant ambiance would bring your guest into a high level of comfort. A high drape is very useful to cover your shower space for more privacy.

10. White Subway Tile Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas White Subway Tile Bathroom

This is a trendy design you can apply in the guest bathroom. Some people might think that a small-spaced bathroom can’t be having too much on the wall. This small bathroom shows no problem with it. As you can see, there are many things going on the wall.

There are black towel hooks, black wired baskets, subway tile, wall niches, and some others. But, it’s still looking great without having a cramped feeling. I guess, you just have to know how to manage the decoration of the wall.

11. Modern Subway Tile for Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Modern Subway Tile for Bathroom

This is one of the special ideas you can apply in your guest bathroom. This bathroom idea seems to be better for a master bathroom because of its unique industrial style.

The subway style tile itself is already a show stealer in this bathroom. We also have to look at other elements in this bathroom. Check out how the designer can make all of the black frames and structures work well with gold faucet and shower tap.

Quote. That gold element on the vanity and shower is an amazing detail of this bathroom. That’s the reason why I think this bathroom is supposed to be the master bathroom ideas.

12. Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

Guest Bathroom Ideas Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

This bathroom is so different from the previous idea. As you can see, the shower wall tile has a subway tile without the black lines. It’s because the tile’s attraction is on the flooring tile. The interesting pattern all over the floor increase the value of this bathroom

Take a look at the wooden vanity. Besides the patterned flooring, the vanity is also the highlight of this bathroom. Even though the design of these two elements is so contrast, it offers such uniqueness to the bathroom.

13. Simple Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Guest Bathroom Ideas Simple Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Neutral colors are the most favorite color scheme in the bathroom. People like the guest bathroom design to be simple. Because it’s going to be used by some different people, a simple design of the room is going to be loved by everyone. So, it’s the safest choice to go.

This one is the example of a simple bathroom design. The combination of white and gray is already the safest option for the bathroom. The wall decor becomes something to enjoy there.

14. Wood Grain Tile Floor in the Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wood Grain Tile Floor in the Bathroom

Having wooden flooring in the bathroom is not recommended by some designers, especially if you spill a lot of water while using the bathroom. Well, you can choose a wood grain tile. It looks like wood but it’s actually tile.

Quote. It’s a solution to your problem. A floor tile would be easy to clean and it won’t be troublesome for you. Besides the flooring, the rest of the color in this bathroom is white accentuated by black items.

15. Scandinavian Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Scandinavian Bathroom Design

One of the unique styles that become the favorite choice for interior design is Scandinavian. People love this tile because it looks festive and fun. Take a look at this fun bathroom. There are a lot of things going on this bathroom.

It’s got a patterned high wall and wide vanity design with open shelves. This Scandinavian bathroom is supported by great-looking wall decor. The hanging bulbs look unmatched with the style, thanks to the ceiling for supporting the bulb.

16. Steampunk Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Steampunk Bathroom Design

A steampunk touch can really buck up the appearance of the minimalist bathroom. The use of metallic color in this bathroom is the most suitable steampunk color that works with modern bathroom design.

Quote. Some mosaic tiles on the floor and wall mixed with gray tile for a color scheme of this bathroom. The tile design becomes the focal point that owns a subtle industrial nuance for the bathroom.

Other Guest Bathroom Ideas

17. Relaxing Small Gray Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Relaxing Small Gray Bathroom

This small bathroom has pretty decor that you can copy. In the middle of this gray-white color, they add yellow charm with that rug and accessories above the toilet. It’s just a small update you can do to change the atmosphere in a small bathroom.

From this point of view, the size of this bathroom is so small. Although, it has a complete element as a powder room because it’s missing the bathtub or shower area.

You can design your guest bathroom based on the space you have in your house. You can take the design and decoration idea from this bathroom.

18. Beautiful Traditional Gray Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Beautiful Traditional Gray Bathroom

Having a tile inset feature in the middle of the flooring is quite trending nowadays. This bathroom is designed by 3Sixty Designs. It’s got a small marble tile in the middle of the flooring. It creates the illusion of a rug in the bathroom.

It’s a great option for a guest bathroom that has a large or medium size. This inset feature would offer a nice focal point for the bathroom.

19. Attractive Shower Curtain for Rustic Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Attractive Shower Curtain for Rustic Bathroom

For a rustic bathroom, it can be looking more attractive with that shower curtain. It’s got a textured appearance to would add character to your bathroom.

That black star on the high wall offers a powerful scene to catch. It’s a simple wall decor, but it gives a big impact. If your parents or parents-in-live visit you a lot, they would definitely enjoy this bathroom.

20. Rustic Makeover for Modern Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Rustic Makeover for Modern Bathroom

Adding rustic decor to a modern bathroom is not an impossible thing to do. This one, for example, has an interesting makeover to give an updated look to your bathroom for a low budget.

Look at that rustic wood frame of the mirror. You can have it at a cheap price. Then, there’s a simple green plant in a used bottle for accessories.

21. Complete Set of Small Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Complete Set of Small Guest Bathroom

All of the elements in this bathroom is something you can rely on. An outstanding light fixture setting the right ambiance at night, and white bathroom vanity that are strikingly stunning, would be ready for you.

Some flowers would be necessary to splash more colors in this bathroom. The rest of the elements like the toilet, floating cabinet, and walk-in shower were there standing perfectly as the way they are.

22. Wainscoting in a Bathroom

Guest Bathroom Ideas Wainscoting in a Bathroom

A vintage style is always an available option you can have for your guest bathroom. Some designers would avoid wainscoting in a bathroom because it’s not really deserved to be spilled by a lot of water since most wainscoting ideas are using wood.

This bathroom also got a wooden floor which is avoided by any homeowner. But, if you managed to handle this kind of bathroom, it would be no problem. It looks beautiful anyway.

23. Gray Cabinet and Dark Wood Frame

Guest Bathroom Ideas Gray Cabinet and Dark Wood Frame

24. Small Bathroom Design with Warm Ambience

Guest Bathroom Ideas Small Bathroom Design with Warm Ambience

25. Interesting Bathroom Design with Floating Sink

Guest Bathroom Ideas Interesting Bathroom Design with Floating Sink

26. All-White Bathroom with Accentual Elements

Guest Bathroom Ideas All-White Bathroom with Accentual Elements

27. Farmhouse Small Bathroom Design

Guest Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Small Bathroom Design

28. Guest Bathroom Ideas with Shiplap Walls

Guest Bathroom Ideas Guest Bathroom Ideas with Shiplap Walls

29. Small Vanity with Simple Wall Decor

Guest Bathroom Ideas Small Vanity with Simple Wall Decor


Finally, I believe some of the guest bathroom ideas in this page would improve the value of your bathroom. It would be enjoyable for the guests at your house. Make them smile and feel satisfied with your service.