28 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas to Increase Bathroom’s Value

Posted on the 27 February 2019 by Harp Times @harp_times

Design a bathroom wall decor might be pretty challenging if you don’t have any reference. This article would let you explore plenty of ideas to decorate your bathroom. Most importantly, you won’t leave the wall plain empty.

A Bathroom wall decor would make your bathroom more interesting because it offers more scenes to see in the bathroom. The bathroom is supposed to be a relaxing room but there’s nothing wrong about adding a few accents.

What people like about adding decor to the wall is the inexpensive and simple choices available. Decorating a well won’t cost you a fortune.

You can upgrade the look by adding wall decors such as framed pictures or paintings, shelves for accessories, and more.

So, let’s explore these bathroom wall decor ideas to increase the value of your bathroom.

Powder Room Wall Decor

1. Cute Pink Framed Picture

Bathroom Wall Decor Cute Pink Framed Picture

This cute wall decor could be a nice choice for your beach bathroom. The simple pink graphics on the wall could catch everyone’s attention. In fact, white and blue color blend extremely great with soft pink color.

On top of the thin cabinet, there are some candle accessories. So, there’s no need to add more decors on the wall.

2. Farmhouse Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Farmhouse Wall Decor

If you have a farmhouse style for your bathroom interior, this one is a great option to go with. Some elegant lined graphic matches the brick texture on the lower wall. The sense of rustic and farmhouse blend perfectly in this bathroom.

Dark wood flooring sets a dark atmosphere in the bathroom, making the lighting so important to balance the mood. This is one of the beautiful rustic bathroom ideas you can apply in your small bathroom or powder room.

3. Decorating Bathroom with Stone Accent Wall

Bathroom Wall Decor Decorating Bathroom with Stone Accent Wall

It’s quite tricky decorating a bathroom wall with a stone accent like this one because there is already so much stuff going on the wall. The texture of the wall looks so obvious, making it impossible to get the wall decor stands out.

Fortunately, the stone wall accent is only on one side of the wall, leaving one other side available to fill up.

The designer decided to balance the wall with a painting that has a natural stone image. Unlike the painting, the stone wall accent is really emphasized by the lighting.

4. Pictures Bathroom Wall Decor (Fish Image)

Pictures Bathroom Wall Decor Wall Decor with Fish Image

An elegant picture of fish could be a nice addition to your wall. You don’t even have to attach it to the wall. Just lean it to the wall on the thin wall shelf above the toilet and sink. To increase the neutrality of this bathroom, some floral accessories are also added to the mix.

If you like fishing or a fan of fish, you will enjoy this school of the fish picture in your bathroom. The design is so simple, with a white background and dark accents making it matched with the whole color scheme of the bathroom.

5. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor

This is a nice small modern farmhouse bathroom. Applying a farmhouse style in a small area won’t be a problem because this kind of style is very flexible for any size of the room. One thing we focus on here is the wall decor.

Check out the quote, it says “Start each day with a grateful heart”. This kind of quote would motivate you to start your day fresh in order to pursue success for the whole day. It’s a great way to start your day in the morning.

6. Woven Basket Shelf on Wall

Bathroom Wall Decor Woven Basket Shelf on Wall

This is a clever way to add storage to your bathroom. It also offers a nice scene on the wall. A woven basket is surprisingly a good choice to decorate the wall. You can also use it to store your bathroom supply like towels and toilet papers.

To accompany the woven baskets, there are some mini-framed graphics with matching colors. It adds more interest to the wall. But, don’t be attaching too many items on the wall and keep it minimal.

7. Simple Framed Picture over the Toilet

Bathroom Wall Decor Simple Framed Picture over the Toilet

The wall space above the toilet becomes the favorite place to hang some wall decors especially when the bathroom is small like this powder room.

You can choose whatever picture you like; you can even put your photograph in a frame. But, you have to keep in mind that it needs to be matched with the color scheme of the bathroom.

8. Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor

Sometimes, you can maximize the wall decor for the bathroom. As you can see in this bathroom, there are so many accessories put on the shelves on the wall. The amounts of the items seem to be according to how many shelves installed.

If you enjoy the rustic style, you can have this as a reference to makeover your bathroom. Any rustic items or collectibles you have to need to be chosen wisely. So, you can organize it perfectly to set the right mood for the bathroom.

9. Black And White Wall Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Black And White Wall Decor

For your neutral bathroom, you may choose a color scheme from a neutral category too. Well, this black and white wall decor could be a great option. This bathroom offers you a stunning elegance that would get you to feel comfortable in the bathroom.

Black and white picture frames create a nice vibe to the bathroom. The space over the toilet is filled with shelves where you can put some accessories to decor the wall and make it more interesting.

10. Country Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Wall Decor Country Bathroom Shelves

Distressed oak wood is one great material to choose for your country style room. This country bathroom has an outstanding wall decor that wouldn’t let your eyes away from looking. The floating shelves concept really strikes the atmosphere in a good way.

Obviously, the wood shelves are built only for decoration. All of them are there to decorate the bathroom wall. All of the distressed oak wood elements are catching a lot of attention. It’s a great design set up by the walk in shower ideas.

11. Modern Farmhouse Decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Modern Farmhouse Decor

The wall decor concept of this bathroom is pretty much the same as the previous one. But, this one is not in the style of the country. It’s got its own charm to color this powder room. It’s definitely not designed for outdoor shower ideas.

Using light teal as the main color makes this bathroom hard to be mentioned as a farmhouse bathroom. But, all of the decors in this bathroom are quite convincing to name it as a farmhouse bathroom design.

Check out a rustic mini windmill as one of the supporting accessories on the shelves.

12. Contemporary Wall Decor for Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Decor Contemporary Wall Decor for Bathroom

Another perfect choice to design a neat bathroom for your comfortable bathroom activity, this one is pretty much common in many modern houses. The neat arrangement of the wall decor and three shelves above the toilet, that’s the safest way to decorate a small bathroom.

Add some floral accessories to balance the ambiance. Sometimes, a bathroom needs extra natural items to get it more relaxing to see.

13. Bathroom Decor for Men

Bathroom Wall Decor Bathroom Decor for Men

Some designers tend to recommend this decor for men’s bathroom because of the simple concept.

Men like everything to be simple, so any simple design for any room that would be perfect for men’s room. In the men’s bathroom, you’re also going to need some Bathroom mirror ideas.

As you can see, this bathroom offers simplicity in storing bathroom items and products. Some woven baskets on the shelf might come in handy. The topped shelf is filled with toilet paper supply.

14. Storage on Ceiling Level

Bathroom Wall Decor Storage on Ceiling Level

It’s a little bit extreme but it’s a clever way to decorate the bathroom. You might not find this kind of decoration anywhere.

It’s perfect for a small bathroom or powder room like this one. When you can’t have a cabinet in the vanity, the ceiling level space would be very useful, right?

The ceiling level shelf consists of several woven baskets that are very useful to store some bathroom supplies. The contrast color of the wooden shelf and woven basket would really make it as a focal point.

Inspirational Shelf Design for Wall Decor

15. Simple Modern over the Toilet Shelves

Bathroom Wall Decor Simple Modern over the Toilet Shelves

The most favorite space to decorate a small bathroom is above the toilet. Shelves are the best way to deal with it. You can even build and install the shelves by yourself (DIY). You’re going to need:

  • Two pairs of black wood boards that you can buy at Home Depot or other stores
  • Storage baskets for keeping bathroom stuff
  • Some decorative accessories.

With those three items, you can build your own over-the-toilet shelves as wall decor. You won’t need some bathroom cabinet ideas anymore.

16. Chic Space-Saving Shelves over the Sink

Bathroom Wall Decor Chic Space-Saving Shelves over the Sink

Besides the toilet, there’s an extra wall space you can use to install some shelves. The wall space above the sink can be used to be a decorated space in the bathroom.

This small bathroom won’t need any more decoration on these shelves. Because, these three shelves only, already full of accessories. Having it nearby the window make it perfectly shined.

17. Accessories to Have On Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Wall Decor Accessories to Have On Bathroom Shelves

In order to add more ideas to your inspirational shelf list, this shelf design may be something you are looking for. Take a look at the accessories this shelf got.

A metal wired basket can be nice storage for a small towel. The letter “S” can mean something for the owner. Then, the image of cactus in the picture really put an interest in this shelf.

A little bit of natural plant added to the mix to balance the atmosphere. Then, you can have a simple word “hello” accessory to maximize the decorative space and some more items.

18. Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Decor Beach Wall Decor for Bathroom

This is the most simple wall decor design in this list. It’s perfect for your beach style bathroom decoration.

Some element of the sea like that starfish would be very supportive to get your bathroom wall more impressive than ever. This would be just a small amount of charm on the wall. Other kinds of bathroom wall decor need to be added.

19. Rectangular Box Shelves

Bathroom Wall Decor Rectangular Box Shelves

This would be a great way to maximize the space on your bathroom wall to be storage. Because it takes a lot of space on the wall, it needs to be supportive of the bathroom design. So, the bathroom items on the shelf need to be neatly organized.

Quote. With this three long rectangular box shelves, you won’t need any more decoration on your white wall because all the attention would straightforwardly go to these shelves.

20. Hanging Baskets over the Toilet

Bathroom Wall Decor Hanging Baskets over the Toilet

One of the clever solutions for a space on the toilet is not using shelves. Instead, it’s designed in a form of hanging baskets. It’s very functional to be used to store some bathroom stuff.

There’s no space for accessories in this kind of wall decor. But, the design itself is already looking interesting. The black woven baskets made a good statement here.

21. Neat Towel Shelves

Bathroom Wall Decor Neat Towel Shelves

These simple towel shelf units are designed by Solaro. Those steel docks hold the rolled towel to make it looks interesting.

The key to this shelf is the arrangement of the towel colors. The various colors of the towel offer some accents to the wall. That’s why this simple neat towel shelf unit is on this list.

22. Funny Writings on the Wall

Bathroom Wall Decor Funny Writings on the Wall

Hanging some towels in the bathroom should be more planned. Because the position and design of the towel might disturb the entire design of the bathroom, it would be better if the towels were hanging the right way or the creative way, if possible.

Adding funny writings like the ones in this bathroom. It says “Get Naked”; it’s not something inappropriate because it’s applied in a bathroom where people get naked every day. That is quite hilarious. That might be something that makes your day.

Other Wall Decor Ideas

23. Interesting Bathtub Tile on the Wall

Bathroom Wall Decor Interesting Bathtub Tile on the Wall

24. Rustic Farmhouse Style Wreath

Bathroom Wall Decor Rustic Farmhouse Style Wreath

25. Relax, Spa Wall decor

Bathroom Wall Decor Relax, Spa Wall decor

26. Small Dark Bathroom’s Decor

Best Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas Small Dark Bathrooms Decor

27. Gray Bathtub Wall Tile

Bathroom Wall Decor Gray Bathtub Wall Tile

28. Neutral Master Bathroom Walk-In Shower Ideas

Bathroom Wall Decor Neutral Master Bathroom Walk-In Shower Ideas

29. Towel Hanger behind the Door

Bathroom Wall Decor Towel Hanger behind the Door


Those 28 bathroom wall decor ideas would surely increase the value of your bathroom to a high level. One of those ideas, I believe, would turn your bathroom into something new, something more comfortable, and of course more interesting.