Popular Engagement Ring Designers

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Since this blog is called Designers and Diamonds, I figured I’d combine the two today. Some of my favorite engagement rings are those crafted by the best designers in the bridal game, and each has something different to offer. Appropriate, considering the vast variety of different brides and different styles of each lady. But, for a guy just starting out shopping, the barrage of fancy names might be a bit much to handle. Well, gents, look no further. Your lady friend has obviously pinned this handy graphic for you so that when the time comes you can identify her favorite designer style based on the name alone. Let’s go.

Scott Kay

Known For: Designer beauty on a budget. Also, an impressive men’s selection.

via Scott Kay on Instagram

Simon G

Known For: those amazing magazine ads, beautiful use of rose gold in plenty of designs.

via Raymond Lee


Known For: curved lines, smooth micropave, gorgeous use of the infinity motif, platinum.

via Raymond Lee


Known For: That gorgeous V-detail on the gallery, a hidden diamond on every ring, elongated profiles, very romantic styles.

via Raymond Lee

Tiffany & Co.

Known For: The Little Blue Box, the classic, 6-prong solitaire, appropriately called the Tiffany setting.

Tiffany & Co. Soleste


Known For: French-inspired chic diamonds, high quality diamonds at a multitude of price points, from accessible luxury to the Taylor-Burton diamond.

via Cartier’s Instagram

Harry Winston

Known For: Being the king of diamonds. Specializes in simple, magnificent stones. Recently added the Belle setting shown above.

At Least One Person Part Of The RLJ Crew Is OBSESSED With This Ring.

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Known For: Those rings you see breaking auction records? They’re Graff diamonds.

via Harper’s Bazaar