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Zone of The Enders: HD Collection – Review

Posted on the 25 January 2013 by Kirkmckeand @mckkirk


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Zone of The Enders, is a story of a child’s innocence lost, forced to kill with the only alternative being death. War breaks out all around our young hero, Leo and he witnesses the deaths of his friends. In the ensuing chaos, the boy stumbles across an Orbital Frame (giant, ass-kicking robot) named Jehuty. He then proceeds to kill lots of people and smash some metal ass.

The characters start off annoying, but become more endearing during the story. The relationship between the protagonist, Leo and  A.D.A (Jehuty’s onboard Artificial Intelligence) develops nicely, building a believable, symbiotic relationship. Viola is a pantomime villain, who pops into the game to try and kick your ass every now and then.

The real threat however, comes from Anubis. Anubis is an Orbital Frame, like Jehuty but the polar opposite. This O.F attracts a different kind of pilot, not an innocent child, but the leader of a terrorist cell whose objective is to retrieve the O.F’s. Then there is the token damsel in distress, Celvice who is Leo’s childhood friend with a good heart and squishy, human skin – easy for robots to crush. Most of the character progression is shown through cutscenes, or a view out of the cockpit of your trusty tin-opener.

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