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ZombiU Drops the “U” to Bring the Wii U Title to Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Posted on the 31 July 2015 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


The game is now titled simply “Zombi”, yet features the same horror-filled, zombie chasing action from the Wii U version except with a few minor changes like a minimap on the main screen, which showed up on the Wii U gamepad screen, and an increase of the field of view. Zombi has also added a couple of new melee weapons, including a shovel and a nail bat.


“Without hesitation,” Hélène Henry, Zombi’s producer says, the most important thing to preserve in Zombi is “the general sense of claustrophobia, and not knowing what is coming next – at least for new players. It’s mostly small technical improvements on what was already there – the faster load times, and the small changes to controls. In fact, a lot of time was spent getting the controls mapped as intuitively as possible, to keep the original atmosphere.”

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PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers can finally enjoy the zombie-filled title that Wii U gamers have been bragging about for years and see how long they can survive the zombies.

[ Source: Ubisoft Blog ]
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