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ZOIRO - An End To Monotonous Mens Innerwear and A Choice of "Modern From Heart" Indian Men

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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It isn' too long ago when my husband remarked that Indian men doesn’t have many brands offering quirky and printed inner-wears and I couldn’t agree more because I had not seen any affordable brands like what he was talking about. Introduction to Zoio was an answer to the question he asked.
When I was invited to the "Zoiro" event , I knew nothing about it. So the round table conference with reporters, Mr. Navinn - Director of ZOIRO, Designers Claudia and Paula Piatti was a great opportunity to learn about the brand, interact with designers to know more about design ideas, digital prints and future plans of Zoiro.he brand.

ZOIRO - Zoiro is India's first stylish Italian designer innerwear brand for men. Made from innovative fabrics (=micro fibres) and crafted in trendy patterns to suit the needs of men perfectly. Zoiro encourages customers to go bold, and a step beyond everyday regular wear.


Mr. Navinn Seksaria, Director, Zoiro India

ZOIRO Innerwear Prints and Micro Fibre as Fabric

Price Range of Zoiro Products

Availability of ZOIRO Inner-Wears

Zoiro innerwears will be available across   15 different cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, UP, Kolkata at various stores like Shopper's Stop, Central multi brand outlet's.
Online Availability Myntra, Flipkart,
My take on Zoiro innerwear products - When it comes to inner-wears, the most important thing is fabric then second is the fit. Fit is what the buyer can take care of if he knows the size but fabric can be tricky sometimes. It may feel like cotton, mixed cotton or hosiery but after you wear and wash, the whole expectation goes for a toss. Micro fibres is a fabric that everybody would love to try!! When I got a chance to pictures of products, I touched the fabric and it felt like an intercessor between cotton and hosiery - soft, light weight with vibrant colours. Now I am thinking how it would behave after the wash! I will take some  Zoiro products for a test drive and share my experience... 

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By Anant Jangwal
posted on 04 June at 11:40
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I am interested in learning more about Zoiro's future plans, strategy etc. which you may have found out at the event - do you still have your notes? If so, can we meet to discuss and take this forward? Thanks, Anant ([email protected])