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Zappatika: Free Album "Strictly Frankly - a Live Tribute to Mr Frank Zappa"

Posted on the 21 June 2011 by Hctf @hctf

Zappatika are offering their album Strictly Frankly - a live tribute to Mr Frank Zappa as a free download on Last.fm. The running order is a bit different than the CD version that was released last year.

  1. Dirty Love
  2. Santana Variations
  3. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma
  4. Cosmik Debris
  5. Wonderful Wino
  6. I am the Slime
  7. City of Tiny Lites
  8. The Torture Never Stops
  9. Titties n Beer
  10. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes
  11. Whippin' Post
  12. Napkins
  13. Muffin Man

MP3: Zappatika - The Torture Never Stops

The band performed at the Q-Bus, Leiden, The Netherlands, on June 18.

  1. Cozmik Debris
  2. Ooh The Way You Love Me
  3. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma
  4. City of Tiny Lites
  5. Chungas Revenge
  6. Leroy
  7. Peaches en Regalia
  8. We Are Not Alone
  9. Titties n Beer
  10. Dirty Love
  11. I am the Slime
  12. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
  13. Santana Variations
  14. Whippin' Post
  15. Black Napkins

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