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Youth Participation Trophy- How Do I Choose the Right Award for Younger Players?

By Shanemcg

Knowing the age of the player your looking for is one of the most crucial notions to finding the perfect trophy. This can be especially difficult when shopping for a youth participation trophy. Here are two important things you should know about buy for participation trophies for younger players.

1. A participation trophy should be of lesser quality and price than an award that is given to a winner

- Participation trophies are often only to commemorate a season. These trophies do not have to be elborate and can be rather small in stature. This way, everyone on the team can receive an award no matter their accomplishments. Think “simple” when shopping for a trophy that will represent a players participation.

2. Youth trophies should represent the age group in which you’re buying for.

- Often times, coaches leave distinguished, high end trophies for players who have accomplished an achievement of high magnitutude. Young players tend to be thrilled with the idea of receiving a trophy not matter the size. When buying for youth, looking for something that is eye-catching and “fun”. Younger players often like trophies that are eccentric and colorful. plenty of trophies are designed ever year for this age group and it is important to recognize a children’s trophy when shopping.

A youth participation trophy should be something simple and fun. Keep this in mind when shopping and you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the process.

Good Luck!

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