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Your Personal Horoscope for 22nd Feb 2017 Until End of the Month

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Your personal horoscope for 22nd Feb 2017 until end of the month

The following horoscopes are valid both for your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign, I suggest you read both for extra clarity...


Do you feel the heat rising and is your partner unwittingly fanning the flames? Are you being undermined or pressured at work too as you feel as if your values are being compromised? I think in the light of this eclipse on Sunday that you are going to have to make some sacrifices, or find a quiet spot away from the rising tensions. This is also the case at the end of the month as the Moon catches up with Mars. Talking and consulting with friends and getting an independent view may help you in the long run, their advise might be important now.


There will be tension between what you believe and watch you unconsciously feel this week. With you Taurus all the action will be behind closed doors, and the sacrifices you are making or going to make will shock some people. Any controversy that you stir up may come through things that you say publicly, or at work. In this case, please be careful not to rock the boat too much, otherwise you may regret your actions at a later date. You are likely to have a good work ethic, now so keep your head down and concentrate on that.


This coming week Gemini your social life is likely to be quite an active one, sports and competition may be really enjoyed. In group situations or among your friends you may want to try and get your own way and this could cause differences with everyone else, especially if you try to change something that others do not want or desire. In work situations you may have to sacrifice some of your own principles for the greater good of your employer, not easy i know, but may have to be done. Expect changes in that part of your life in the not too distant future.


Your week Cancer may be filled with new fresh work plans and you may be asked to involve yourself in that new ideas and innovative schemes in cooperation with others. Your creative input may well be appreciated by your boss or by senior people in your life. It's time to learn something new now and the solar eclipse this week will help you long-term in that goal. Anything that stretches your mind or your intellect will be on your radar, from philosophy to religion and culture. Open out to the world around you and take in influences from all directions.


In the coming week Leo you're going to stand up for what you believe and you won't take no for an answer. It's not in your nature to be very diplomatic, you do like to stand on your soap box sometimes, but the planets can help you find a balance between what you want to achieve, and what others want to hear, so long as you aren't too stubborn. Feel the edge to look after yourself a bit more? Go down the gym, or get out those running shoes, it's a perfect time to change your daily routine and get in shape for spring and summer.


Between now and the end of the month Virgo you may be involved in a power battle or a battle for control over finances or things that you own or possess. I think it's best for you to keep your personal affairs separate from others, otherwise you may incur unwanted problems in the long run. The eclipse brings a chance to refresh and revive your closest relationships. Use your thought, your imagination and creativity in the right way, and your partner will surely appreciate it.


Libra there is a chance that your own self confidence can be your undoing, especially in regards to the person you love or towards family members. Remember the world doesn't revolve just around what do you want. Changes in the conditions at home or with people you live alongside are coming, and these may affect your daily routine in the long run. Be flexible and accommodating to others and their ideas, and your get through this tricky period.


Adjustments at work and the sacrifices that you may have to make are things that are on your mind right now Scorpio. Travel plans may have to be changed, routines may be suddenly altered, and matters connected to close relatives like brothers and sisters may be concerning you as well. You will be concerned, but don't worry because the changes that you accept now will help your talents and confidence to come through and shine in the end of the day.


Your mind Sagittarius is currently preoccupied on out of work activities, like having fun, taking up new hobbies and socialising, although you know that while you are having a good time it's not cheap either. It's time to work out what you can afford to do and what you can't, and budget accordingly. A happy and contented you makes you happier at home, and ultimately that's what you really wish for, isn't it?


Without doubt Capricorn there are tensions at home within your four walls, quite possibly because you want your own way and others won't let you or appreciate your point of view. It's not that you are wrong but the way you are expressing yourself which is the main problem. Your test now is to adjust the way you express your concerns and the way you communicate your ideas to others, and if you do things should settle down eventually.


An unexpected clever idea, a sudden trip that you have to make, life is indeed busy and by making yourself available to all around you, there is an opportunity to express your true Aquarian innovative character to those who need to see and hear it. You hate accepting change, but making inner psychological ones will help you get the best out of yourself. It's time to adjust your habits and your attitudes.


Your values are changing and this may lead you to find differences with your friends and colleagues who may not quite agree with your point of view. All this is part of a subtle reinvention of yourself Pisces, one that will start see you start to shine in the coming weeks and months. Keep the faith, you're going in the right direction. Remember the best friends are the ones who stick by you no matter what you think or do.

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