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“Your Best Carbohydrate Level Is the One You’re Happiest on Without Weight Gain”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Before and after

Before and after

I just got an email from Mary in Canada about how she found out where her optimal carb level is on an LCHF diet. How she finally managed to lose and maintain her weight – and reverse type 2 diabetes. Here’s her story:

The Email

Hi there Andreas & Sincere greetings from Nova Scotia, Canada!

I am a 46.5 year-old Mom of four beautiful teenagers, a wife of a wonderful man and and one happy woman! :))  Now that the youngest is almost 14, over the past couple of years, I began in earnest to “be true” to myself and thus, “be true” to a way of eating that is a low carb/moderate protein/high fat approach. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I should be a promoter for the Atkins program – LOL!, because I am very enthusiastic about what it has done for myself and others and I totally believe in it for so many reasons beyond just weight loss, for it is what reversed my Type II diabetes and a host of other ailments that accompany diabetes!

Over the past 10 years (and maybe a little more), however, I would go “off and on” the program, unfortunately. I think I thought many times, that I should be able to move past the 20 gram induction level of carbohydrate (and if I was not so metabolically messed up, I probably could have) and still lose weight (my weight was coming off at a snail-pace). When it didn’t, I would then abandon the ship entirely, rather than just climb back up the ship ladder and perhaps move back down to 20 grams or less. It is sad that I would give up on myself time and time again, but put it this way; if I would have completely drowned myself in carbohydrates for the last 10 years – in other words, gave up on the Atkins program completely – and not attempted to crawl up that ladder again, I would have been much, much bigger than even in that “Before” picture, not to mention at probably a more advanced level of Type II by now!  :)

An “Ah-ha” moment of discovery came for me about 4 years ago, which changed “how” I did the Atkins program!  I began to think, that if the “carb ladder” was such a temptation or derailment for me and/or I could not lose on say, 30 grams/per day even (I was very metabolically resistant to weight loss at this point because of the the diabetes) – “Why go up the ladder at all?” I then started quickly leafing through some old Atkins books and an actual pamphlet that I had, whereupon the wonderful Dr. Atkins, validated this himself in a statement, and I wanted to share it with you and your readers, as it is such an empowering statement from him, I feel!  Here it is:

It comes from, Atkins Complete Personal Diet Manual, a pamphlet with his signature on the cover and quoting from Page 11: “Some people actually feel better on 25–30 grams of carbohydrate a day. My fundamental message is: (and this is underlined by HIM also): Your best carbohydrate level is the one you’re happiest on without weight gain.”

For me, considering that I DID ALWAYS feel better on either low to no carbs and diabetic symptoms went away IMMEDIATELY everytime I went on Atkins and stayed under 20 grams, and considering that I would not gain weight at 20 grams, but would on 30 or halt on 30 grams, I felt like this sentence from Dr. Atkins was just the very best, empowering statement for whenever I did try to “do the program” and move up the carbohydrate ladder, I quickly failed.

I may or may not have continued to fail, but the one thing I know for sure is that by not increasing my carbs, I began to succeed!  I often wondered why weight loss was stalling for me at say, 30 grams, but then I did not need to worry about this aspect again by keeping my carbs at 20 grams (for the most part).  In this way, my own “Ah-ha” moment combined with Dr. Atkins very own words, were truly my gateway to freedom! I have  lost 40 lbs (18 kg).

Like others, I have had many people say I was doing something dangerous over the years by following the Atkins approach or at the very least, gently questioning the issue of saturated fat within the program’s guidelines.  Probably, the best thing I did was to stop promoting the program and let the results speak for themselves! :)  I still continue to give links for others who ask me for information but I do not engage with questioning looks if I skip a meal when they are hungry…because in my world, with healthy, stable blood sugars, hunger is a state that I rarely ever experience!

I have freedom now and I thank you so, so much for the AMAZING work you are doing, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt! You are a blessing to so many, for the expertise you have on this subject and your excellent website! And positive, gentle approach!  PS… Jimmy & Christine Moore know my story & I think you know them! :))

Big hugs!
Mary Fultz


Congratulations Mary!


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