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“You Smell Like Dinner” by Jinz Titanic is Title Song for Episode 2

Posted on the 07 June 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

“You Smell Like Dinner” by Jinz Titanic is title song for Episode 2We all know, as loyal True Blood fans, that every episode of the show is named after a particular song that the writers and Music Supervisor, Gary Calamar think best suits the “theme”. For episode 2 of Season 4, the title is “You Smell Like Dinner“.

True Blood tracked down the man behind the the song, Chicago-based singer/songwriter John Kamys — who also goes by the name Jinx Titanic — who happened to be traveling around the world at the time and got his permission to use the song.

Actually, the title reminds us of a scene in Season 3 when Sookie and Alcide first went to the Lou Pines werewolf bar. Sookie asked if she looked all right and the bouncer replied, “You Look Like Dinner“.  So, we wonder if the episode will have any connection to Lou Pines or possibly, the werewolves.  Any thoughts?

Below is a video of the song: caught up with Kamys — a prolific songwriter and singer whose work ranges from classical music to punk rock to country — now back at his home on Chicago’s Gold Coast and below is part of their interview:

Radar: Your song, You Smell Like Dinner, is a perfect fit for True Blood. Did you write the song specifically for the show?
John: I wish I could say, ‘Yes,’ but You Smell Like Dinner was written a few years before True Blood premiered. But hey, who knows? Maybe something supernatural occurred. In which case, yes, I wrote the song specifically for the show.


Radar: How did the writer of True Blood find the sing then?
John: I don’t really know for sure, but my band Jinx Titanic & Super 8 C*m Shot has been active for almost ten years now. We tour, release albums, and have a bit of a reputation for catchy songs and outrageous stage shows. Sometimes word gets around about us, and sometimes lucky things happen. Who knows how it happened, really … I’d like to think Franklin found us. I was crazy about Franklin. I hated to see him get blown to slop last season.


Radar: At the time True Blood contacted you, you were traveling around the world: Since you’re generally a Chicago-based artist, how did they track you down, and what was your reaction?
John: It was simple really. I’m not a cut-myself-off-from-civilization traveler. I never turn off the phone. Alyson from GO Music, the company that supervises music for True Blood, called the number on our website and I answered. But there is a fun synchronistic side to the story. Earlier that same day, one of the band’s fans posted a link on our Facebook page to a spoiler alert for True Blood season four. It mentioned an episode titled You Smell Like Dinner. He also posted the question, “Are you providing music for the episode?” I thought, ‘Wow, this is a strange coincidence’ — I wrote and recorded a song titled You Smell Like Dinner and if I don’t have anything to do with this, perhaps I should. So I immediately started making calls to anyone I thought might have an in to someone at the show, but unnecessarily so, because not long into my then-formulating plan to pitch, I got the call from Alyson, she said she had been trying to contact me via e-mail for a couple weeks, and that the writer requested the song and wanted to know if it was available. I said yes while thinking, ‘Is it available?’ Who in their right mind would say no?

My reaction? After calmly getting off the phone, I made several of those puerile whoo-hoo noises, high-fived myself with a big YES and did one of those stupid ape-man happy-dances around the room.


Radar: You Smell Like Dinner is such a wonderfully crazy name for a song, what inspired it?
: I’m rather simple. Food … sex … food … sex … sometimes I mix the two up.


Radar: Quote some of the lyrics for me.
John: Here’s verse two, though I think it works better if you sing it:

“A lot of hotties wear that fine cologne,
I let them walk on by, I leave that scent alone,
See I’m a hungry, hungry man with an appetite,
I see a big rump roast I want to take a bite
When it comes to eating out, I’m no beginner and
Umm baby you smell like dinner.”

Not exactly Shakespeare, is it?!? (laughing)


Radar: I understand the writers loved the song title so much, they are actually titling the second episode of the new season, You Smell Like Dinner. You must be thrilled.
: I am howling-at-the moon thrilled, especially because I genuinely enjoy the show and admire its blood and gutsy political perspective. It’s quite exciting to know that I will have this affiliation for … um … eternity.


Radar: Is the song available for purchase?
John: YES! It is available for as many purchases as possible! You can get it at iTunes, and most other digital distributors.


Radar: Is this the first time your music has been featured in a television show? Do you hope to write more music for TV and perhaps film?
John: I’ve had the good fortune to have songs placed in several television shows including HBO’s Cathouse and Best Of Cathouse, Showtime’s Look, and also in several seasons of MTV’s The Real World. And yes, I hope I am able to continue. I love to work, to write, to sing, to play out, and I never say no. TV, Film, Theater, Student Projects, Industrials, Commercials, Multi-Media, Games, Spec. It’s all great in my book. Bring it on!


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