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You Say You Don’t Have Time to Run? I Say,“Bullsh*t!”

By Brisdon @shutuprun

When I first came up for the concept of this blog a few years ago, I named it Shut Up and Run because I kept hearing people bitch and whine about how much they wanted to run but there just wasn’t enough time. Or, they just couldn't get motivated. Or, running was hard (no shit).  Or, they didn’t have the right “runner’s body.” Or, they were too old. Or, they peed/pooped themselves when they ran.

All of this complaining had to go. It seemed to me that people were making this all way harder than it had to be. Couldn’t we all just shut off our brains for a second and just start to run? I am believer in the premise that if it is important to us, we will find a way to make it happen.

Here begins a 5 part series on how you can just toss the excuses in the toilet and RUN. Unless you are sick, disabled or on the verge of injury, there really is no reason why it can’t happen for you. That is, if you want it to. Running is not for everyone. If you don’t want to run then stop talking about how you do and go buy some knitting needles or golf clubs.

So, let’s start with Excuse #1.

Please say this in your most whiny voice: “But, I just don’t have the time to run!”

Let’s break it down. That’s bullshit. What you mean is: “But, I just don’t make time to run,” or “I don’t really want to run, I just want to complain about not running.”

Because the truth is (and we’ve all heard this one):

You Say You Don’t Have Time to Run? I Say,“Bullsh*t!”

Now, it’s time to problem solve. If you really don’t think you have time to run, get busy implementing these tips.

  1. Believe It’s Possible. First, you need to re-train your brain. Get out of the negative that says, “I don’t have time to run,” and create a positive statement that you believe such as, “It is possible to make time to run but I also need to make some lifestyle changes.”
  2. Get Organized. Every week I make a to-do list (the old fashioned kind with a pencil and a piece of paper). I put absolutely everything on that list from running errands to work deadlines to appointments to my workouts. I’d put pooping on there but I’m just not the regular. Yes, I schedule in my workouts much like I schedule in a OB/GYN appointment. It has to happen and it’s not getting interrupted. Sure, this takes some balancing. Maybe it means I can’t sleep as much as I’d like or I forgo a happy hour (not likely). The point is, make your runs a priority.
  3. Be Realistic. If you are really that busy, then maybe is not the time to train for a marathon. Take on a simpler and more achievable goal like running for 30 minutes 4 or 5 times per week. If you keep it basic and manageable you are more likely to do it. Period.
  4. Find a Group or a Friend. Find someone or some ones who are even busier than you are. Notice how they make running fit into their lives. Plan routine runs with them. You’ll be less likely to skip your run if you know they are waiting on you. Hang out with people who push you, who make you better, who motivate you.
  5. Make it a priority. This kind of goes with #1. If you want to run regularly, some other stuff might have to go from your life. Do you really need to watch that extra hour of reality TV? Could you say “no” to someone who asks you to do the millionth thing at your children’s school? Do you have to make every meal from total scratch? (or, you could be like me and start using a grocery delivery service for when you are crazy busy. It’s only a #5 delivery fee).

So, you see, if you want it to happen, it will happen. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy or you won’t have to move out of your comfort zone and make some changes. 6 years ago I did not run and I hardly exercised. I made changes. These changes did not happen overnight, but they did happen. Trust me they will happen for you too. You’ve just got to want it.

Sound a bit bossy? Maybe. It’s not like I have all the answers, but these are some tricks that have worked for me.

Any other tips for how to find time to run?

What changes have you made in your life to fit in running?


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