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You Say It's My Birthday? It's Your Birthday Too, Yeah

By Xmarkm @matthews_mark
You remember how excited you were when it was your birthday and you got to pass out candy or cupcakes to the class?  Well, some things never change. I come bearing gifts on this blessedly tragic day. (If you are allergic to books of Dark Fiction which just may steal your face right off of your head, then you better pass. If not, read on.)
Below are eight gift voucher codes for a FREE download of the kindle version of MILK-BLOOD. Just click here to redeem the codes,pop in one of the codes below, and Bamn!!! MILK-BLOOD to your kindle.  

First come first serve. No catch, no strings attached. If one code doesn't work, try the next, and so on. If none of them work, shoot me a message at [email protected] and perhaps I’ll provide more. 
(Link to redeem the codes) 
The codes:
Gift Claim Code GSQP7V5W4994C4G
Gift Claim Code GSQMMNVBQ6R2V5U
Gift Claim Code GSSSZTZ8R55XLB5
Gift Claim Code GSR9FL8QSS2DMYG
Gift Claim Code GSDM6HNG7G47YDB
Gift Claim Code GSN5BWDVN8A4WVF
Gift Claim Code GSPZE5SG5RB99X7
Gift Claim Code GSMALRVV6P7HY9N

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