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You Know You Are An Exercise Freak When…(plus a TON of Pictures)

By Brisdon @shutuprun

It seems I lost the bottom of my legs in Mexico.


So, we went to this amazing resort. You have to go there someday. I liked it because while we did an all inclusive option, many of the people there are “members” who own time shares. This made it less of your typical spring break touristy resort. Manageable crowds, great food quality. No fighting for chairs like last year.

You Know You Are An Exercise Freak When…(plus a TON of pictures)

Our villa was on the ground floor. This meant we didn’t really have an ocean view (even though the resort lied and said all rooms had an ocean view), but we opened right up to a gorgeous courtyard.


We’ve been to a few resorts south of Cancun (Puerto Moreles, Playa del Carmen) in the past, but this one was my favorite. Why, you ask? Well, it could have been the grilled grouper and guacamole at every meal, or the endless beach with sugary soft sand, or the margaritas made with just the right touch of tequila (=enough to make you wince) or even the spacious and well appointed rooms. But, no. The reason this resort was my favorite was how easy it was to train there. Yes, I am an exercise freak/geek.

First, there was this amazing fitness center, complete with Woodway treadmills. I had not experienced the Woodway before (sounds dirty), but I learned that once you go Woodway, you never go back. There is just one problem, however, and that is that that these treadmills cost $5,000 – $10,000. So, this indeed means I will have to go back to slumming it with the ancient crappy ones at my gym.


You Know You Are An Exercise Freak When…(plus a TON of pictures)

Why is this treadmill so special? It’s known to be super smooth and quiet and to also absorb shock better than other treadmills (no I am not a spokesperson, I just really liked it). Easier on the joints, I suppose. I am not being a liar when I tell you that I felt like I could have run on this thing all day. I won’t go so far as to say it was like running on air, but it was kind of like running on air. Or, at least that was my experience. Ken was not so impressed but I think that was because he ran on it the morning with lots of tequila still streaming through his blood.

Secondly, there was this:


I have never stayed at a hotel/resort where there was a gorgeous lap pool outside. I don't even like to swim, but I loved to swim here.

Third, there was this:


Nature’s treadmill. Okay, I loved the Woodway, but I love running on the sandy beach even better.

photo 3

In total, I did five workouts over four days – 3 runs, 1 bike (on the spin bike) and 1 swim. I was proud that I fit that in around passing out (this is my favorite photo from the trip. Ken and the kids were playing beach volleyball and Sam came to get me to play. He saw me like this and returned to the game yelling, “Sorry, my mom is passed out!”):



Now, let me tell you the other highlights. I literally ate my face off. Every morning for breakfast I had a huge omelet and a bunch of pastries. Lunch was grilled fish tacos, guacamole, Corona, and calamari. Around happy hour, we would go to the lobby bar for drinks and freshly made sushi. Dinner was more fish, octopus salad, fresh rolls and steamed veggies. I am not a huge dessert person (I KNOW!! What is wrong with me?), so I didn’t eat that stuff. But, Ken and the kids gorged on the self serve ice cream. I would show you pictures but I hate photographing my food (but love having people photograph me doing tricks on the beach).

Some other photos from the trip:

If you want to piss off your kids, then rent a “clown” car like this. It was fun putting 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 4 suitcases in here.


Me and my “little” girl:


Everyone needs to channel their inner gymnast, even when they’re 47.


Ken and Emma “playing” volleyball. Ken was burned to a crisp by this point, so he resorted wearing real clothes to the pool.


You know. Christmas card photo and all.


So, there you have it, Spring Break 2014. The “vacation” part of the trip abruptly came to a halt when our flight home was delayed, then someone threw up all over the back of the airplane (yeah, for an emetophobe like me, this was highly traumatic) and we landed in a bunch of snow. #firstworldproblems


What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Hard to say. I loved our honeymoon in Greece. Also, Costa Rica a couple of years ago was amazing.

Have you ever tried a Woodway treadmill? I was a virgin until this trip.

Ever gotten sick/food poisoning while travelling? No. I’ve been pretty lucky with that one (knock on Woodway).


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