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You Do Not Have to Do Everything on Your Own (extract from My New eBook)

Posted on the 22 November 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

Golden rule social media strategy 22

I do not usually share my writing in its first draft. However, so many of you have inquired about my new eBook project that I decided to make an exception.

I am not entirely satisfied with the chapter you are going to read. That’s the perfectionist in me, I guess. ;-)

Golden Rule #22: Partner with People Who Share Your Vision

The other day, I was watching the last installment in the Twilight saga. In the middle of the film, I found myself thinking about the reasons behind the huge success of the series.

I am not a fan of Twilight. I think the storyline is convoluted and the acting a little subpar. However, the characters are endearing because they are very human. And the love story between Bella and Edward, with its challenges and dangers, is something that many of us secretly hope we could experience.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner are three charming actors and their good chemistry has helped take the series to the next level. However, Twilight would not be what it is without the rest of the cast, the production crew, and all the professionals and people involved behind the scenes. And of course, let us not forget to mention Stephenie Meyer, the author of the saga in print, the one without whom the story would have never seen the light of day.

So, what can we learn from Twilight? At least, one major lesson: Success does not happen by chance. It happens because of a group of people work together towards a common goal.

Everything starts with an idea. The idea then becomes similar to a game of chess. Each piece on the board plays a specific role in your strategy, and every move you make has the potential to change the outcome. At the end, your winning depends on your outwitting your opponent.

In social media, the biggest opponent to outwit is not direct competition. It is you.

We often believe that doing everything ourselves is the way to go to save time and money. Unfortunately, that way of thinking always hinders our chances of success. Look at the huge number of small businesses unsuccessfully trying to get traction on social networks, and you will understand what I mean.

The most prominent entrepreneurs and experts have several things in common. One of them is that they know it is impossible to take care of an entire strategy on their own. As a result, they strike valuable partnerships with influential people who share their visions. They have also put together teams on which they know they can rely when need be.

And you should do the same.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, want you to succeed, and have a track record in reliability, compassion and open-mindedness. From your publicist to your web designer and consultant, make sure that each member of the team knows exactly how they fit in your social media strategy and what they are supposed to do. Communicate, accept suggestions, and reward members accordingly.

Then, observe what happens!

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