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"you Can Take Those Bananas and Shove Them up Your Ass"

By Mjstoner @Crazy_Customers
I was just bagging when I notice 2 customers arguing in the express lane. I go to the register and there's 2 men.
The first is a young guy with glasses, he hadn't noticed the 12 items or less sign which 90% of you people don't notice but most of the time we won't make a big deal about it. He had I don't know maybe 30 or so items.
The second man is an older guy in his late 50's early 60's. He actually saw the sign and was angry with the guy in front of him and was making unnecessary comments like " the sign says 12 items or less don't your glasses work?" and "you can take those bananas and shove them up your ass"
Meanwhile my coworker on register is trying his hardest to just keep his mouth shut and not to laugh at the immaturity of the older gentleman.
I applaud the younger guy for not giving in and commenting back.
I decide to step in and say "ok sir let's just calm down" he replies "no you need to not tell me to calm down, you're not the one who had to wait in line. I didn't say it but I'm thinking to myself "gee sit you're right. I've never had to wait in a line before."
I can understand if he'd been waiting a while but I saw him get in line, he'd only been waiting 5 minutes.
No one likes to wait in a line but you just have to be patient and wait your fucking turn. This guy was acting like a child.
He was very upset so I asked "would you like to speak with my supervisor?" he says "not if it's the fat useless one" so now I'm trying not to laugh and say "I'm not sure which one you're referring to but if that's how you feel I'll go get the store manager.
I go to ask my supervisor to get the store manager and don't even have to explain the situation the man had been loud enough for her to hear 20 feet away and agrees the man is being ridiculous.
My store manager comes over and before he has a chance to say anything the customer says "oh god this guy? Never mind I'm leaving"
I didn't say it but I'm thinking ok that's cool if you're going to be a douche don't come back either.
Instead of telling that guy to shove his bananas up his ass, why don't you get your head out of your ass first sir.

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