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You Can't Fight City Hall, and You Can't Keep Your Vehicles in Public Sight When They Aren't Registered... I Can't Say Why You Have to Register Your Property, but There It Is.

By Bertyc @bertyc
You can't fight city hall, and you can't keep your vehicles in public sight when they aren't registered... I can't say why you have to register your property, but there it is.
Arman Peterson is being fined $14,400 by Salt Lake City for having two cars parked in his driveway that were unlicensed or not operable.
 He was looking for a replacement carburetor for the van he says, but for ever a year? But didn't keep it licensed.
Salt Lake City gave him him notice on April fools day, 2013, citing three city ordinances. One related to "outdoor storage of inoperable, unused or unlicensed" vehicles.
He blew it off, standing on the principle that American rights of private property ought to keep the govt from annoying him with fines and tickets for not registering and licensing his possessions. Well, it's a nice idea, but pigheaded. Everyone know you have to keep your vehicles registered either operating, or non-operating, and it's not been kept a secret that vehicles in your driveway that never move annoy your busybody nosy neighbors, and they complained, and that's what got him ticketed.
Blowing off the repeated attempts to collect a fine, or to get him to register his van, got the city to decide to penalize him with jumped up fine rates tenfold from the flat rate of $25 an month.
In Dec 2014, about 18 months later, he finally showed up to court, to see if he could convince a judge that the city was being unjust. The judge didn't agree with him, and he's now on the payment plan.  via

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