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By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

Okay, so it isn’t even a photo I took.

It isn’t even one photo.

Yeah, I know that my photo of the week isn’t supposed to be a photo of me.

……..But you’re missing the point…….

If you have read my FAQ pages (you probably have because they are full of mind blowing FAQs) then you know I am a photophobe. Yes, in that great cliche’d tradition of photograpers everywhere – I hate having my photo taken. I mean – I loathe it on levels.

I have boogley eyes. I have many chins. Bingo wings. Single hairs out of place. When I see photos of myself, those are the only things I see. Even once upon a time, when I was a skinny minnie, I still only noticed my flaws. Does that tooth look a little funny to you? You can see glare in my glasses.

For years, when people would take out their cameras,  I would jump in…. ‘oh here….lemme take it….’ (sneaky, clever me!)

Since becoming a photographer, I have made a incey weencey bit of peace with my own photos. A smidge.

But you know when all bets are off?

When photobooths are involved. Seriously, I have a control issues when it comes to photo booths. I need one at home so I can randomly go into it and take pictures of me mugging faces with household objects. Toaster anyone?

When I go to events and there are photobooths, I invariably (to Matt’s chagrin) drag in everyone I speak to. I don’t even have to know them to pretend to smoke a cigar with them in a photobooth.

Photobooths are the one time when I feel completely at ease with having my picture taken. I think it is because I know I am supposed to look like an ass – so I don’t mind so much when I do.

Thanks to Matt my Uber Husband,  Lousie from Curvy Bridal, Bhavna from Upendo Images, Phoebe from Miller Weddings, Mark Lucas from Grain Design (and many others who have fallen prey to my photobooth ways) for your willingness to look like an ass with me. I love you all….


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