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Yes, You Will Love SHERLOCK HOLMES 2: GAME OF SHADOWS. Here's Why...

By Josiebrown @JosieBrownCA

As much as I adored the first Guy Ritchie-directed SHERLOCK HOLMES (who wouldn't? Victorian London at its steampunkiest, Ritchie action sequences choreographed with the intricacy of a period ballet Robert Downey, Jr starring in the lead, Jude Law's Watson for class and panache, a coterie of Great Britain's best character actors, and the always delectible Rachel McAdams) both Martin and I actually liked -- make that LOVED -- the second film in the series even more.

Called GAME OF SHADOWS, it ramps up all of the above, yet tightens the dialog so that Holmes and Watson's tete-a-tetes are much more than tongue-in-cheek wordplay. It doesn't hurt, either that they've added the inniminable Stephen Fry to the cast, as Holme's brother, Mycroft. I love his smugness, especially whenever he tweaks kid bro "Sherlie..."

Ah, if only all bromances were this witty!

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