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YellowKorner : The Art Gallery Making Photography Accessible to Everybody

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
It has been a while since I wanted to tell you about YellowKorner, an art gallery dedicated to selling the most beautiful pictures by the greatest photographers to people who are not necessarly collectors but appreciate a good photography.

Owning a piece of art is not in the means of everybody. Usually to own one, some people go to auctions, order one to an artist or go to an art gallery to buy a sculpture, a painting or a picture, but to be able to do that you must have some money which is not the case for the most of us.When Absolute.B (your Friday music gems hunter) told me YellowKorner had opened in our hometown, Bordeaux, I was very excited about it because I have never seen a photography gallery before. Though some museums or art galleries did exhibitions revolving around photography, I never heard of one actually focusing on this art. Unfortunately for me, it seems like fate didn't want me to visit YellowKorner each time I headed back home. Consequently, to make up for these missed occasions I suscribed to their newsletter and visit their site and Facebook page on a regular basis. I do it for the pictures, to discover new photographers, but also to improve my knowledge about photography. YellowKorner does not only provide images but teaches you about an artist vision and photography in general which is in my opinion a great way to present it to people who may find a picture pretty but without going further. I mean showing that photography is much more than clicking on a button or is only about these pictures of stars and models we see everyday in the magazines. YellowKorner explores every genre of photography and that's what makes it worthy of a visit.Accessibility is the magic word of YellowKorner. Just like every photography lover you can visit the site and their gallery BUT the best thing ever is that you can also buy without ruining yourself since  the price range for a picture goes from 71 € to 900 €, knowing that the differences of prices are made according to the format of the image chosen. Obviously I won't go for a 900 € photograph but being able to own a piece of art which is less than a hundred euros is an opportunity I wouldn't miss (obviously when I'll be able to buy myself things with my OWN money which hopefully will be very soon). By the way did I mention that you can buy online your piece of art ? This is an other thing which makes me appreciate this gallery even more because you can have your picture wherever you live, you just need to click !
Last thing, I wanted to share with you my last photographic discovery thanks to YellowKorner. To do it I thought the best way would be to show you how their newsletter is conceived to make you understand why I am so fond of this gallery. So welcome into the universe of the chinese photographer, Yang Bin (needless to say you'll be hearing about him very soon on the blog):

From the first half of the 19th century onwards, the photographic portrait substituted the pictorial portrait. Although for a long time it mimicked the poses and artifices of painted or sculpted portraits, it eventually liberated itself from their influence. Since the objective representation of reality was already acquired, the photographic portrait owed it to itself to become inventive. Nadar had already undertaken the task of surpassing the mimesis implied by the use of the medium. By revealing the psychology of his models, he lent respectability to the genre. Gradually, through to the present day, the photographic portrait has invented and refined its own vocabulary. In this context, the work of Yang Bin stands in opposition to contemporary creation.

The Chinese artist studied classical painting for many years before turning to photography. His studies in art history are apparent in his productions. He adapts the codes of classical painting to his medium and enjoys taking photographs as though he were painting. Yang Bin applies the old rules of composition. He places his models in profile, inspired by the pose of Roman Emperors. This posture was in vogue up until the 15th century in Italy and focused on the essential line of the face without distracting the spectator with a psychological interpretation. The subject acquired a timeless dignity and it was this impenetrable image that would be transmitted to his or her successors. It is clear that while the portrait allows for identification, it also crystallises the aspirations of the model. While continuing to rework the codes of the traditional portrait, Yang Bin also represents his characters in 3/4 profiles. The face thus becomes more expressive and the representation more personal. The model is associated with attributes that symbolise the individual's role or social status. Yang Bin's photographs place particular emphasis on settings. The relationships between the various planes and the subject construct the work. The backgrounds comprise several shots put together and highlight effects of perspective. The artificial landscapes created in this way do not intend to provide indications of location but represent allegories of the world.
The role of the portrait is to retranscribe the external appearance of a person. Nonetheless, this representation is subject to interpretation and sensitive elements show through. The pose, expressions and attributes or the artist's style mean that reality and subjectivity are inevitably combined. Yang Bin's portraits are no exception. His iconographic and stylistic treatment magnifies the models and lends a kind of eternal solemnity to them. The portraits become timeless and their memorial charge defies death.

Photography - Art - Limited Edition
Yang Bin : Chinese portraits

Art photographs - limited edition

YellowKorner : The art gallery making photography accessible to everybody

29X29 CM - OPEN / 60X60 CM - 500 EX. / 100X100 CM - 200 EX. / 120X120 CM - 100 EX.INFOS / BUY

Art photographs - limited edition

YellowKorner : The art gallery making photography accessible to everybody

26X23 CM - OPEN / 68X60 CM - 500 EX. / 114X100 CM - 200 EX. / 137X120 CM - 100 EX.INFOS / BUY

So what's your opinion about YellowKorner ? Do you find the format of their newsletter interesting enough to make you want one of their photograph ?

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