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Yeisa Martinez of Being Latina Receives “legendary Woman” Award from Ford Motor Company #whm

Posted on the 18 March 2016 by Beinglatinacom

To celebrate Women's History Month, the leading automaker created Mujer Legendaria (Legendary Woman), an initiative with the purpose of identifying Hispanic women that, like Clara Bryant Ford, embody Ford's core characteristics - Ford Motor Company has a long history of recognizing the accomplishments of women in our society and while most people know Clara Bryant Ford as the wife of Henry Ford; Clara Bryant Ford was a philanthropist and community leader in her own right - and a key figure in the long history of influential women. smart, green, quality and safety.
Yeisa Martinez of Being Latina is one of the 20 legendary women chosen to represent the 22 million exceptional Latinas in the U.S. that are making a difference in the workplace, their homes, the environment and the community. Yeisa Martinez combines her passion for advocacy in the green space with experience in the performance arts to help bring about social change. She has helped to empower youth while working as an Advocate in a Community Initiatives Program that aim to promote green initiatives as well as more responsible living among young people. As an Advocate she wrote and performed in plays that dealt with vital issues that to this day impact teenagers throughout the United States; issues covered included Self Esteem, Sexual Health Awareness, Domestic Violence, Global Warming Awareness, and Drug and Alcohol abuse. Martinez has since continued to harness her writing and media skills excelling as an advocate for a better living for Hispanics. She also helps curate Eco-friendly events with local organizations such as Green Thumb NYC, an organization that provides programming support and material to over 600 community gardens in the New York City.

Martinez currently expresses herself through various platforms including Being Latina, an online lifestyle website for Latinas and mothers that garners over 40,000 unique visitors monthly, and continues on her quest for social change, volunteering with various organizations including a performance arts organization that focuses on fighting for women's rights throughout the world.

"I take pride in being selected as a Mujer Legendaria and am grateful for this huge honor that Ford has bestowed upon me as I have been fortunate to become more acquainted with Ford Motor Company and their core values over the last several years. While Ford is generally known and well regarded for it's technological innovations, Ford also has a great history of caring and contributing to communities as well. I personally have witnessed Ford's philanthropic efforts as I helped one day as Ford was helping build houses with Habitat for Humanity in Detroit, Ford also gives back to communities by partnering with organizations and providing scholarships to students, feeding the homeless, and helping provide communities living in rural areas with access to vital medical care. Ford continuously gives back to communities in different and meaningful ways that bring about positive change both locally and worldwide as well, being selected as a Mujer Legendaria is something that is dear and special to my heart." - Yeisa Martinez

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