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Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Xanadu by Harshita Nanda is very well crafted story that is superbly curated into a story with a flawless flow that binds the reader word by word, line by line, and page by page right from the beginning till the end. The character building has been taken care of very well and I could feel the crispness and strength in each of the character as the story begins with Ms. Anita, then moving on to Bhoomi, and finally Harish landing into their lives. Characterization of each of the three protagonists is developed in such an impacting and impressive manner that each of the character becomes the rightful driver of the story. I could really imagine the real personalities of the characters the way those are developed and described as the story moves on like growing of the cheerful child Anita to lonely Ms. Anita. 
Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash
At the juncture when Ms. Anita and loneliness become synonym to each other, it was interesting to see how Bhoomi breaks it and there grows a strong bonding between the two. The pain in each one's life is evident when Ms. Anita loses her father, when little Bhoomi & her mother Shalini lose their father and husband respectively, and the compromise Shalini had to make by living on the terms of her parents (including her brother and his wife) in lieu of shelter and good education for Bhoomi. Bhoomi and Shalini had no other choice than to move to the town after the sudden accidental demise of Ram Singh. It was painful for both leaving the village and its natural beauty at that moment as Ram Singh was gone and their small wooden house got destroyed completely. "Bhoomi watched the forest and the mountains passing by with diminishing excitement."
Xanadu by Harshita Nanda rightfully deserves to be adopted by theater as a play or a short movie / movie. The story is quite powerful. It can actually be turned into a classic movie. Coming back to the story, the only enjoyment factor in seven years old Bhoomi was Ms. Anita and her orchard. "Bhoomi, who had  always loved trees, was curious about the orchard next door. She used to see the trees and a house half-hidden behind them from the window of the room allotted to Shalini and Bhoomi. She wanted to go and explore the grounds. However, unsure about her place in this new world, Bhoomi kept quiet. One day, when she could no longer hold her curiosity, she deliberately threw her ball into the orchard." Ms. Anita and Bhoomi had developed a special bonding and spending time together was a big relief for both of them.
Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash
"Anita knew that Bhoomi was not her daughter, not even related to her, but she still couldn’t help falling in love with Bhoomi." While Bhoomi became the only factor in Ms. Anita's life to throw away her loneliness, Ms. Anita's love was good enough to heal wounds on Bhoomi's heart caused by the bitterness of her maternal grandmother. Then comes Harish, all of a sudden, in a very dramatic manner, in the calm and soothing relation of Bhoomi and Ms. Anita. If you love reading fiction, strongly curated story, and unexpected turns, this book is surely for you to grab. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. 
 "A large, filthy dog, came running into the orchard, screeching to a halt in front of Bhoomi. Bhoomi shrieked as the dog caught her doll in his mouth, giving it a vigorous shake. An equally filthy boy came running behind, skidding to a halt in front of Bhoomi. He tried to pull out the doll from the dog’s mouth, falling on his behind as the dog suddenly let go. Bhoomi and Anita stared as the boy sprawled on the ground, laughed madly. Harish had entered their lives."
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