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Wow! I Am in Awe of These Exceptional Bloggers & Awards!

By Clarissayjada @urjustadumbass

I am always honored and moved by exceptional bloggers nominating me for awards. I feel truly awarded by their thoughtfulness, support, and inspiration. I have had the honor of being nominated for these outstanding awards:


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the following amazing bloggers who nominated me:


Beautiful Blogger Award

 Nominated by the inspirational


Versatile Blogger Award

Nominated by the inspirational

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Award

Nominated by the inspirational

So the rules are that I have to: 1) thank the person who gave it to me, 2) share 7 possible things that are unknown about me,  3) nominate 15 bloggers, and 4) notify the nominees of their nomination.

  1. I try to hide my geekiness. I guess not all that well :) So I’m told :)
  2. Michael Jordan’s Nike Maybe It’s My Fault commercial is my source of motivation.
  3. I like watching Comedy Central before I go to sleep. It’s how I strike a mental balance.
  4. I believe in a highly romanticized version of love :)  I know. Don’t judge!
  5. I can’t stand jealousy, self-absorption and selfishness.
  6. I am a Leo!

This is in no ranked order. I admire and am inspired by them all equally. The list of my nominees are:

Very Inspiring Blogger

Versatile Blogger


Beautiful Blogger

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