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"Women Who Seek to Be Equal with Men Lack Ambition" Timothy Leary

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Humanwriter @roseforman
A fantastic article about how women are hated, not just through Africa and the Middle East but also worldwide. As the article points out, the USA is yet to elect a female president, the glass ceiling still very much exists, it's just not openly acknowledged any more. Yes we can have women in the cabinet or high up in office in the US but we can't let them take the wheel because women are weak, they'll probably stop to ask directions! In the wake of Oscar Pistorius' shooting of his girlfriend, whether intentional or not, brought up the reality of gun crime and violence against women in South Africa. As CNN said: "On the same day that thousands of women stood up to participate in One Billion Rising, billed as the largest mass action to stop violence against women and girls, the sad news came from South Africa that yet another woman was killed." High profile cases like this do reach the international media eye, but every day violence does go unnoticed, in some ways it is just seen as part of everyday life. Even here in the UK it is unthinkable of a woman to go out alone in the early hours, it is taken for granted that there is danger waiting around every corner.The only time this is going to end is when it is not 'One Billion Rising' but Seven Billion people stopping violence against women. This of course is a completely unrealistic target! Where there is misogyny there will always be a sense of dominance over women (bare in mind that it is not just men who believe in the concept that women are lower beings).

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