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Woman Ironically Brags To Media About Parking Her Smart Car Illegally

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

A woman from Halifax, Nova Scotia reportedly told the CBC that she found a “primo” place to regularly park her Smart Car for free. On the street, in front of the provincial legislature, in the tiny space between two legally parked cars whose drivers put money in meters.

Whoops, turns out that’s illegal! Seems you can’t just insert your car in between two other cars without putting money in a nearby meter.

3 Dumber Places To Brag About Parking Your Car

1. “Next to the silver Bentley!” (Which is great until the Bentley pulls away and you can’t find your car after Christmas shopping in the 3,000-car lot at the mall.)

Not A New Car!

Also, probably a bad idea to illegally park your car in a way that blocks a car that will eat your car alive!

2. At the Starbucks drive-thru on an interstate. (No, it is not like you just scored your own personal Starbucks in your car.)

3. In the handicapped space at the Las Vegas Handicappers convention. Odds are, they will give every gambler good odds that you get a ticket!

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