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Woman in Leadership Success Show Podcast: How to Live Your Life by Design with Jeff Steinmann (Episode #018)

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Stacie Walker Stacie @staciewalker

Woman in Leadership Success Show Podcast: How to Live Your Life by Design with Jeff Steinmann (Episode #018)

How would you like to create a life by design that lets you spend more time doing what you WANT? Special guest Jeff Steinmann will give us the inside secrets on how to do so on the Woman in Leadership Success Show Podcast Episode #018.

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Jeff Steinmann is the founder of the boutique lifestyle consulting company, Braveau Experts and author of How to Quit Working, a simple plan to leave your job for a life of freedom.

Jeff is a speaker and the host of The How to Quit Working Show that features Lifestyle Fanatics who have rejected the idea of having a JOB and put lifestyle first.

After 15 years and considerable success in the corporate world, Jeff Steinmann realized he was not living the passionate and fulfilling life he wanted. He felt trapped and fell into a deep depression. He couldn't stay in corporate, but was terrified to pursue his dream of having his own business. 

Soon he discovered information marketing. The flexible nature of “KNOWLEGE” allowed him to finally quit his job and start the company that manifests his dream and passion, Braveau Experts. 
Today Jeff lives the life he always dreamed of, by helping other people to use their knowledge to create the life of freedom and flexibility they deserve.  

List of Links for Jeff Steinmann: 

List of Links for Jeff Steinmann



Jeff Steinmann on Google+

If you are interested in booking Jeff for a speaking gig call 314-265-0015 or send an email to: [email protected] for additional information.

Current Book Available by Jeff Steinmann:

I highly recommend reading his latest book How To Quit Working: Create a Life of Freedom With What You KNOW Instead of Just Getting Paid for What You DO.

How To Quit Working by Jeff Steinmann
" In How to Quit Working you'll learn a simple, easy-to-read and apply system for starting a lifestyle business. You’ll experience chapter after chapter of simple, time-tested practical techniques and innovative strategies that have helped millions of aspiring entrepreneurs overcome the marketing, business and mental barriers that once held them back. You'll discover ground-breaking insights that allow you to anticipate, understand and get past the obstacles that stand in the way of leaving the security of your 9-5 job and starting your own business."  ~ Excerpt from Amazon

 Click Here to Get Your Copy of How To Quit Working on Amazon

Announcements for Episode #017: 

  • Upcoming Guest - Michele Welch on episode #019 
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