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With Coronavirus Bearing Down, Alabama Superfund Bribery Scandal Continues to Generate News as Ex Trump Official Trey Glenn Has Rough Day in Court

Posted on the 12 March 2020 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

With coronavirus bearing down, Alabama Superfund bribery scandal continues to generate news as ex Trump official Trey Glenn has rough day in court

Trey Glenn

The coronavirus might be close to putting the world on lockdown, but the North Birmingham Superfund bribery scandal keeps generating headlines.
In the latest development, a former Trump-administration environmental official, and an associate, entered a federal-court hearing last week with hopes that criminal charges against them would be dropped. But it did not work out that way for Trey Glenn, once Trump's Southeast EPA director, and Scott Phillips, according to a report at
The pair's ties to Alabama Power and corruption-infested Birmingham law firm Balch Bingham might prove difficult to pave over. Writes K.B. Forbres, publisher of
Yesterday afternoon, Balch Bingham stooges Trey Glenn and Scott Phillips had a three-hour court hearing in their criminal trial for ethics violations related to the North Birmingham Bribery Scandal.
And you won’t believe who was seated in the court gallery: Alabama Power’s criminal attorney.
After all the acrobatic and sensational circus antics had cleared, Judge Stephen C. Wallace signed an order calling on prosecutors to give more specific details on each of the criminal charges.

Prosecutors will not have a problem complying with the order, insiders tell us, and the work product from the order will strongly demonstrate the alleged unsavory and unethical conduct by Balch’s paid goons.

Did the hearing go as planned for Glenn and Phillips? Not exactly. Writes Forbes:
The hearing was a tremendous setback for the defendants who were trying to get the charges tossed, even outlining prosecutorial misconduct claims in the hearing.

Balch stooges are furious that the sister of the former Executive Director of GASP, the tiny environmental group that was targeted and infiltrated by Balch hooligans, brought forth the charges against the two alleged criminals.

The undynamic duo were indicted in November of 2018.

Balch Bingham contracted with Trey Glenn who then directed payments to Scott Phillips to lobby the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to oppose the EPA in listing the North Birmingham site on the National Priorities List.

At the time that Scott Phillips and Trey Glenn were receiving money from Balch to lobby ADEM on a policy matter involving the listing of North Birmingham as a Superfund site, Scott Phillips was on the Alabama Environmental Management Commission, the entity that oversees ADEM.

Drummond Company reimbursed Balch for Glenn and Phillips’ consulting “work,” but convicted Drummond executive David Roberson was mislead and never, ever told of the lobbying scheme.
The lobbying scheme and testimony from Phillips and Glenn were used to convict Roberson in his criminal trial. Roberson was allegedly told by Drummond executives and lawyers at Balch that the consulting work paid to the undynamic duo was in regards to the ABC Coke plant, a blatant lie.

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