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With A $38,500 Offer in Hand, Is On The Brink Of Sale Or Launch

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Worldwide @thedomains

We wrote about the domain name just about a month ago asking if it was the best hand registered domain of 2012.

Well we may soon find out how good of a registration it turned out to be.

I reached out to the owner of the domain Kenneth P. Carey of Grand Rapids who told me that there are 6 bidders currently for the domain, with a high bid as of time of publication of $38,500 for the domain.

Mr. Carey told

“The bidding on continues, although it is interesting to note that the make-up of those involved now includes not only political superpacs but financial planners, brokerage houses and media outlets.”

“Our web team is working on a totally new financial web-site to provide up to the minute news concerning all topics “Fiscal Cliff” involves should the bidding not meet our reserve of $40,000″

“US. Current bid is $38,500.”

“Reserve price expires 12-13-2012 @6pm EST, At that time the domain will go LIVE, with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media feeds, financial planning links and related blogs.”

“We truly believe the phrase “Fiscal Cliff” is a valuable asset , and that other interested parties (6) share our assessment.”

“One thing for certain, it’s sure to be a bonanza for financial service firms, tax advisors, accountants, lawyers, media companies, the list goes on and on. Take a minute to consider the unintended consequences of the sweeping changes about to occur. A deal on the fiscal cliff is sure to include a change in the CPI to the newer Chained CPI. What will that mean for wage increases and social security inflation adjustments?”

“What else is in store for us? A progressive fiscal cliff is now being proposed to political think-tanks. The term “Fiscal Cliff” will be as relevant ten years from now as it is today.

As we noted when we first wrote about the domain name, was hand registered in April of this year.

The domain name has an Alexa rank of 395,000 in the US.…

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