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Winter is Only a Time to Put Away Your Motorcycle If You Decide Not to Use It to Create a Snow Or Ice Machine

By Bertyc @bertyc
winter is only a time to put away your motorcycle if you decide not to use it to create a snow or ice machine
Here, in 1913, motorcycle company Harley-Davidson decided that winter motorcycle designed for ice roads - there is a niche market. And quite original unit built almost real ice bike. Note: the normal drive to the rear wheel. Wrap the chain wheel (or two?) Complemented by two side-skating skis are protected from falling through mover in loose ground, and dual front ski provide acceptable stability and controllability. Basically, a viable solution, but here's the problem: it was suitable only for sufficiently good (smooth and without a lot of snow) ice - in all other cases and could easily stall and just lose control.
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