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Windmills of My Mind - One Door Closes - Another No-planer Opens up to the Possibilities

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
windmills of my mind - one door closes - another no-planer opens up to the possibilitiesWINDMILLS OF MY MIND
you know the mind works not in windmills but in doors, where the opening and closing of PHYSICAL DOORS (that you yourself pass through) signifies one part of your life (symbolically (or compactionally)) ending, being left behind.
People tend to forget what they're doing AFTER they've walked through a door - go look it up.
This NO PLANES thing is like, "Walking through a door," it means I have permission to fully incorporate the ideas of Dmitri Khalezov (a staunch no planer) into my new view of this world. My denial of, or lack of convincing evidence for, a video-fakery 9/11 has long-dogged my full appreciation of this ex-Russian officer of nuclear intelligence's NO PLANES claims. Does the Pentagon really look like it was hit by a Granit missile now?
He said something very weird, to me, once about, "Hiroshima had nothing to do with Nuclear Bombs,"  but wouldn't really go into it, and I respect that. Who am I? A nobody. A civilian. A need-not-know.
Dmitri claims that "not less than 30 responders died right on the spot from acute radiation sickness, and a few thousands more died later from chronic radiation sickness," that's at Ground Zero, or the site of the NO PLANES, the nuked WTCs. And it's just too unbelievable to believe - but what's Occam's Razor for if not such a vicious cut to the psyche?
What about that dangerous door, Mike, are you going to go through it?
If I do that.
If I dare to fully step through.
If I see what's on the other side of that tempting offer, I know what's going to happen to me.
But sometimes you just have to go with your gut instincts, "I'm now a NO PLANER," and nothing's gonna sway me from learning about what a world where no planes crash into live buildings until fake 3D planes crashed into non-live buildings that are then demolished with nukes in the center of the biggest financial district in the world looks like. If I believe in NO PLANES and NUKES, I gotta abandon QRS11 auto-control chips and Smacsonic rocket explosive and (potentially) Ptech/PROM.I.S. and I'm not sure my mind's quite ready for that transition.
It's sorta like all the things I thought might have been relevant in this unsolved case for the last eleven years SUDDENLY need reassessing or folding into a new mix. It won't be easy, and it really hurts to retrain a brain so long indoctrinated into remote planes and thermite and such but I gotta go through that door, forgetting what came before.
I'm gonna spend a few minutes looking again at the radiation signatures from WTC five days after the event took place where you can clearly see (from top to bottom) WTC 1 and 2 and 7 still seeringly hot - and the smooth underground cavern that was just the right size, that was filled up with concrete, what could have caused that?
windmills of my mind - one door closes - another no-planer opens up to the possibilities
Walking through the door is the great opportunity to ask, "How deep does the (global) NEED TO KNOW game go, and how ruthless are they about what they'll try to protect by inventing cover story upon cover story?"
What's the real agenda of a NO PLANES 9/11 event, I mean other than showing how gullible the majority of the people are the majority of the time?
What are T.H.E.Y. really trying to protect?

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