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Will Fukushima Be as Serious as Chernobyl Or Three Mile Island? A Look at the Astrology…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


The world is currently focused on the Fukushima No 1 Nuclear Power Plant on the ravaged east coast of Japan. There has already been one explosion (probably due to a build up of hydrogen within the no 1 reactor). Now there is a problem with the cooling on reactor number three. Looking at the two previous nuclear accidents to hit the world headlines can give clues to the severity of the current crisis.


The Three Mile Island disaster happened at around 4am on 28th March 1979. Just by looking at the chart it is pretty easy for an astrologer to see the conditions for a nuclear leak. Normally for such an occurrence, you would expect to see relationships between Uranus (accidents) Neptune (noxious substances) and Pluto (Nuclear substances), maybe connections to Mars and Saturn as well for a build up of tension. Look at the chart and bingo – you have everything in place. We have Uranus (in Scorpio related with nuclear issues) at the midpoint of Neptune and Pluto, there is a sextile between the two outer planets. We also have a quindecile between Mars and Saturn, a huge build up of pressure between the planet of stop (Saturn) and the planet of Go (Mars). If you have read my articles before, you will no that I believe the Quindecile to be the most extreme of all the tension aspects, it causes obsession, huge drive or in this case between the two traditional malefic planets huge tension. Just for good measure we have an Aquarius ascendant and Pluto sits in it’s own 8th house of change.


The Chernobyl disaster struck in the middle of the night at 1.23am on 26th April 1986 is not so easy to see at first glance. Remember, this is an explosion rather than a nuclear leak. So we have Uranus bang on the ascendant in Sagittarius, a big (Jupiter which rules Sagittarius) explosion and accident (Uranus). Again like Three Mile Island, we have a Pluto Neptune sextile with Neptune conjunct to Mars – Pluto connecting with Mars always seems to be explosive and destructive. Pluto (in it’s own sign of Scorpio) is opposite the Sun making a wedge pattern with Neptune/Mars, this time the result of the explosion was a wide cloud of nuclear contamination. The enormity of the explosion is exemplified by Jupiter square both Uranus and Saturn. To find the real picture of Chernobyl we have to go deeper into the midpoints. Saturn is at the midpoint of Mars/Pluto, an explosion of infrastructure, Uranus at the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune explosion of a building causing a cloud, Venus at the midpoint of Uranus/Pluto, the nuclear contamination of the population.

Fukushima plant

Now how does the current situation compare? As I write, we certainly have the build up of tension, Saturn opposite Jupiter and quindecile Uranus, Pluto is square Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury so we do have the nuclear angle. On the midpoints Uranus is square the midpoint of Mars and Saturn which does suggest the possibility of an explosion of some sort (maybe that part has already happened with the first Fukushima blast) and Pluto is at the midpoint of Saturn/Uranus and square Jupiter/Uranus which is worrying. Mars is at the Uranus/Neptune midpoint and the Sun is at the Mars/Uranus midpoint, both danger indicators of a contamination or blast of some kind. The one thing we don’t have is Neptune connecting with Pluto however, Neptune is on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces and we have seen the effect of a water (Neptune) based disaster (Uranus) in the past couple of days. A poisoning of the sea or maybe the water supply or a contamination cloud could still be on the cards. One good thing is the lack of midpoint or transitory aspects to Venus indicating the lack of a public angle except for Saturn in Libra, the people have been evacuated in the main away from the plant should anything happen. One last thing to note, on both Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all retrograde but this time they are not. From the evidence I see, astrologically I cannot rule out a one more incident at Fukushima happening as there are quite a few similarities especially in the midpoint pictures. It is so difficult to pinpoint an actual disaster, but the astrological  weather can give indications, which are for the next couple of days very much valid. My gut feeling if that is anything to go by looking at the charts is that this time they will dodge the bullet, just…

For the sake of all the Japanese people,  I hope any more disasters can be averted, as they have been through too much pain and suffering.

**Update 16th March 2011**

I’ve been watching and seeing the situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station getting worse so I  looked even deeper to try and see what is going on. Looking at the 4th harmonic chart for the current transits at Fukushima it shows a much clearer picture. The 4th harmonic by the way shows stress, strain and struggle based around the 90 degree square aspect.

Fukushima 4th

Ok from the chart above I have taken away the Sun Moon Mercury Venus and Jupiter so that you can see the picture more clearly. Saturn is sextile to Uranus showing an accident causing a lot of hardship. Neptune representing dangerous fumes or a cloud is trine Uranus (the noxious fumes are a result from the accident). Neptune opposite Saturn in any chart always shows a risk to health and at the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus is the nuclear angle, shown by Pluto. Pluto is inconjunct (150 degrees) to Neptune showing a link between Pluto and Neptune – the cloud almost certainly is radioactive. Inconjunct aspects are rather nasty and annoying and they are associated with upsets and irritability. 

I have included Mars to show the likelihood of a major explosion. If Mars were to connect to Saturn, Pluto or Uranus then I would have serious concern, however for the moment it is not making any aspects, so I think that possibility of a big blast is not there for now. However, with these slow moving planets in this formation, this situation is not going to sort itself out very quickly, so I think the battle to contain these reactors will go on for quite a while.

**Update 18th March 11**

I have progressed the chart above onwards and Mars starts to square the Saturn Neptune opposition on 22nd March over a 4-5 day period – this in my eyes will be a very dangerous time if the technicians at the plant haven’t stabilized it by then.

I will endeavour to keep an eye on this situation and I will update this post again if I see a significant change.

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