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Will Boris Hasten the Break up of the United Kingdom?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Will Boris hasten the break up of the United Kingdom?

Back om the 27th April 2016 I went on record to write this...

"The really powerful aspect starting to form though on the UK chart is transiting Pluto on the way to opposing the UK Moon. The Moon rules the top of the chart, the public face of the UK and this shows a complete transformation in the face of the nation that the world sees. There is definite change coming in the next year or two, and the ramifications of an exit vote for Europe could lead to the entire break up of the United Kingdom. Yes, we are talking a vital decision that could have ramifications of mammoth proportions.
You see, Scotland is very Euro friendly whereas the English seem to be very eurosceptic. There was a vote a couple of years ago where Scotland decided not to break away from the UK, but the question of Scottish independence is still a live one at Holyrood, where the Scottish parliament sits. Pluto opposing the Moon shows a potential change in the population of the UK or even a break up and transformation (Pluto) of the nation and its peoples (Moon). The stakes for the 23rd June vote could not be any higher."

Now in the light of the election just two days ago, those words are becoming more and more prophetic every minute. The winner of the election, one I also called before it took place was Boris Johnson, and if you start to put his natal horoscope against those of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP leader and first minister of her nation, and the chart of Northern Ireland, things start to get even clearer about the effect he will have on this union of nations that I live in.

Will Boris hasten the break up of the United Kingdom?

Scotland does have a horoscope, ad the one most commonly used is the chart of the Coronation of Malcolm II on 25th March 1005 at Scone, just outside Perth (adjusted for the Gregorian Calendar as 31st March). Now there is no known time for Malcolm's coronation, but I have noticed over time that a late Cancerian Ascendant seems to work for this chart. If you plot major Scottish events against it, such as the declaration of Arbroath, battles of Bannockburn, Flodden and Coluddon and the Act of Union of 1707. They all work against the angles of this chart. My chart set for 11.00am has an Ascendant at 26 degrees Cancer and the Sun at 10 degrees Aries.

Will Boris hasten the break up of the United Kingdom?

Nicola Sturgeon has an AA rated chart, born on 19th July 1970 in Irvine, Scotland at 15.16 hrs giving her a Cancerian Sun at...... 26 degrees Cancer. She and the Scottish chart (albeit one I have adjusted) fit like hand in glove - it's a very powerful combination and it explains why she sweeps all before her north of the border. Her Mercury sits at 10 degrees Leo, exactly trine to the Scottish Sun, and her Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing opposite to her natal Uranus resides at 10 degrees Aries. Will Sturgeon hurt and heal her nation? We know that she she urges independence (natal Uranus opposite Scottish Sun) and she is a clever maverick voice and something tells me that eventually the relationship between Scotland and Sturgeon will end in tears, but at the moment there seems to be an affinity between her and Scotland.

Now we bring in Boris Johnson. He has a Libran Ascendant at 11 degrees of the sign. Yes, Sturgeon's Chiron and the Scottish natal Sun sit on Boris' descendant, the point of relationships and of open enemies. Do you think this is going to end well? I can see a lot of hurt, resentment and frustration if Boris blocks an independence vote. Boris' Saturn sits on her North Node, and her Neptune is inconjunct with Boris' Sun. They are going to frustrate the hell out of each other. Blockages, deception and constant digs in the ribs is what I see between these two, especially from her to him as her Mars in Leo lies square to his Scorpio Moon. Just as difficult, the Scottish South Node (the point of detriment) at 15 degrees Cancer lies conjunct to Boris' Midheaven at 12 degrees cancer, hanging like a mill stone around his career and his premiership. Scotland almost certainly will be a intractable problem that Boris will have, especially with Nicola Sturgeon at the helm of things.

Will Boris hasten the break up of the United Kingdom?

What of Northern Ireland? The horoscope for the province is timed at 7th December 1922 at exactly 15.26 hours as it separated from the Irish free state to join the United Kingdom. This chart has a faith based Sagittarian Sun at 14 degrees of the sign, and a Gemini Ascendant (so accurate for a split personality nation - Catholic and Protestant) at 7 degrees Gemini. This wide opposition also reflects the nature of the nation. Now Boris has a t-square on his natal chart with Mars at 1 degree Gemini square to an opposition of Saturn at 5 degrees Pisces and Uranus at 6 degrees Virgo conjunct to Pluto at 11 degrees Virgo. All these planets will be acting on the Northern Ireland Ascendant. With Mars widely conjunct and all the other planets square to it. Here we have latent anger (Mars), restrictions and blockages (Saturn), independence and treating something unusually (Uranus) and transformation and controlling power (Pluto). Amazingly, the Northern Irish Chiron is at 13 degrees Aries, within a couple of degrees from Nicola Sturgeon's Chiron, and once again opposite to Boris' Ascendant. Here again in the same way that there will be hurts from Sturgeon to Boris we find that Northern Ireland will also prove to be a thorn in PM Johnson's side, a wound that will not go away.

In regards to the transiting planets and in particular Chiron, we will have to wait until the spring of 2021 before it opposes Boris' Ascendant and conjuncts Sturgeon's Chiron (a Chiron Return), the Northern Irish Chiron too and the Scottish natal Sun. Old wounds and enmities at that time are going to be opened up fully and I feel that things will start to split and break from that moment onwards....

Oh yeah, and remember this too. The UK Ascendant lies at 7 degrees Libra (same as Boris) and the UK North Node is at 14 degrees Aries meaning that what happens to Boris also resonates with the nation as a whole...

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