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Wildlife Photography – Day 2

By Frontiergap @FrontierGap

Continuing this week’s wonderful theme of wildlife photography, today we profile the work of another Frontier favourite: Roger Hooper.

Wildlife Photography – Day 2

Photographer profile:
Name: Roger Hooper
Location: London, UK
Biography: Roger Hooper is a photographer who is passionate about wildlife and the environment.  He has photographed many extraordinary aspects of our planet and sees photography as a way of informing others of the frailty of the world around us.
An important aspect of Roger’s work is his strong association with WWF and he has photographed a number of their projects. Roger’s photographs have featured in several WWF publications internationally, in his book ‘Dotted Plains – Spotted Game’ and in a number of private collections.
Roger’s love of and affiliation with not just the wildlife, but also the peoples of Kenya, has resulted in his setting up a charity, Hoopers Africa Trust, which schools children who would not otherwise have the opportunity of an education.

In November 2003 Roger founded Hoopers Gallery in London and it is now one of the largest commercial galleries promoting contemporary fine art photography. 

Wildlife Photography – Day 2

Frontier quick-quiz:
1. What has been your favourite location to shoot?
While I have a special affinity with the Masai Mara, which I have long considered to be my second home, my favourite location has to be Antarctica.

Wildlife Photography – Day 2

2. What has been your favourite animal to photograph?
I greatly enjoyed my trip to Antarctica, mainly because of the fantastic opportunity to photograph the various penguin species.  They were very photogenic and full of character.  However, I would have to say that the leopard is, without hesitation, my favourite animal to photograph, mainly because of its elusiveness and therefore the challenges involved.

Wildlife Photography – Day 2

3. Which animal would you most like to photograph that you haven't already?
The animal that I would most like to photograph, in its natural habitat, is the Snow Leopard.

Wildlife Photography – Day 2

4. What are your 3 top tips to aspiring wildlife photographers?
- Patience and perseverance.
- Patience and perseverance.
- Patience and perseverance.

But seriously, in addition to this, endeavour to be prepared for every eventuality because, as I often say, the only predictable thing about wildlife is its unpredictability. 

By Alex Prior

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