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“Wild” Willie Seeley, Powerball Winner, Wants His Old Life Back. Says Money Changes Things.

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


Via USNews“Wild” Willie Seeley of Manahawkin, New Jersey, has one piece of advice for the winner of last week’s $400 million Powerball pot in South Carolina: Run. “Just disappear,” he said, speaking from hard-won experience. “Get lost while you still can.”  

But as Willie’s story makes clear, a life-changing ticket is also a complicated windfall. Willie’s share of the $450 million pot was divided by two other winning tickets, and further divided by 15 coworkers, all of whom bought a ticket through a pool at the county garage where Willie worked as a warehouse manager. After taxes he had less than $4 million to call his own, which, as he put it, “ain’t sh-t in today’s economy.”

Before all this happened, he and Donna had bills but at least they could be themselves, watching Duck Dynasty, a finger looped over a bottle of Moosehead Lager, friends on the way over. He says he bought a shotgun “for protection” and still can’t act like a rich guy anyway.

Hey Bro, do you duck dynasty?  But really, in all seriousness, I don’t feel bad at all for this guy.  In fact, Willie, get the fuck over yourself.  You want me to feel bad for you because you just received $4 million for doing absolutely nothing?  You know what, I’ve got an idea, give it back.  Go on back to your own life that you so desperately crave.  And look, I’m trying hard to not hate on Wild Willie but the guy is pissing me off with this woe is me attitude.

I mean, I get it, people come out of the wood work, family members want money, people will try to rob you and life probably is crazy…for a minute.  In about a year, when everyone has forgotten about Willie and he’s sitting on his porch in the middle of nowhere drunk as a skunk, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be happy he never has to work again in his life.  $4 mill is $4 mill is $4 mill people.  No reason to cry over the fact that all your financial worries have disappeared.  Money isn’t everything but it sure plays a part in how we live our lives.

P.S.  There’s no chance this guy doesn’t have a TV show in about 6 weeks right?  I mean this guy is taylor made for one of those stupid reality TV shows that follows people doing absolutely nothing.  

P.S.  I can’t hate on the Ocean’s 16 name.  So money it hurts!

h/t to brad


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