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Why You Should Watch Fixer Upper

By Laharris1



Whenever I need an injection of happy vibes I click on this show….

Fixer Upper on HGTV.

Do you already know about it?

new show2

Joanna’s kitchen

Because it’s an inspirational little gem and its popularity is quickly sweeping through blogland.

If you want an uber-talented designer’s introduction to this show you have to read this Cote de Texas post by Joni. It’s filled with great photos and her wonderful commentary that makes me sigh and wish I could afford to hire her if she lived in Huntington Beach.

Whatever Joni said?  Ditto. That’s what I think.

But here’s my quirky, non-designer view of why you should watch this show.

When it comes to TV shows it’s the backstory that always intrigues me. The dynamics between the people and the likability of who I’m watching on the screen

(which is why I would rather jump off a bridge than watch any show that has the words

The Housewives of.. blah blah blah…. in the title).

And this explains why I faithfully record Fixer Upper every week…


…it’s because of this cute little couple.

This is Joanna and Chip Gaines, the decorating/renovation team

behind Fixer Upper.

She’s an exotic beauty who loves rustic shiplap on walls and lots of white and he is the laid-back-slightly goofy dude who can do anything she asks.


And together they have this adorable little family that they’re raising on their renovated Waco, Texas ranch with motherless calves and puppies and cats and goats that Chip keeps bringing home to the delight of his four shiny-eyed kids.

Chips likes to rescue animals which makes him Mr. Dream Man in my book.


One of my favorite scenes was when they renovated a home for a veterinarian.

(This is the AFTER shot of the living room Mrs. Vet ended up getting,

don’t you just love that lighting fixture?

I’m telling you.. you gotta tune in to see Joanna’s decorating choices)

Anyway, during the renovations, the veterinarian stopped by their ranch to give the new puppies their shots. And afterwards, the camera followed Chip and Joanna’s little boy as he hugged the chubby puppy to his chest and comforted him in the way only a little boy would,

and honestly,

it was too precious.



Seriously, there’s lots of wonderful DIY inspiration and decorating ideas that I get from this show but I watch it for those genuine moments that you can’t fake

that show a loving Momma and a Daddy who are juggling their kids and their work, and their deadlines and those harried school mornings with an occasional lost (and found) dog.

And I like that they mention this to the audience because it’s refreshingly real and imperfect.

I like that even though Joanna’s renovated homes are beautifully decorated, her own taste is simple and understated and rustic which is aka kid friendly.


I like the way they bring their kids onto their work sites and show them what Mom and Dad are working on..because it such a nice reminder to keep our priorities in order

even in the middle of our most engrossing design project.

Yep, I think that’s the part of the show that has hooked me.


It’s the little old family piece

that comes along with all Joanna and Chip’s creative transformations.

But tell me what you think.

Have you seen this show yet?




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