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Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy and How to Start One!

Posted on the 23 June 2016 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

Well, that's completely fine because you well know that with blogging, you can-

  • Acquire a huge audience
  • Make money
  • Become an Influencer
But then, how can you achieve this with a new blog and the existing presence of a million blogs?

Here's a Solution- Social Media! Well, yes! If you have a well-designed social media strategy and plan, you can definitely achieve the desired result for your blog. Let's discuss more on this!

Why you need a Social Media Marketing Strategy and how to start one!

Why Social Media is important?

In many ways! If you think that only a good SEO is the answer to blog traffic, then you're completely wrong. Because, with the world using tablets and phones to access the internet, the digital world is accessible through a many ways and hence, social media has grown extensively resulting in bloggers using Social Media for promoting their blog content.

Secondly, it is easy to use and inexpensive, as it doesn't take much skills to setup your social accounts and you can easily spread the word about your work whenever and wherever you want, without even requiring to spend a penny. Now, do you get my point?

In what ways can Social Media be useful to the blog?

    Adding Social Media Elements to the Blog

Many a times, we wish to comment on a great post, but don't find reliable source to do so, isn't it? That's where engagement comes into picture. When you have a post published, make sure the C omment section is added, so that readers can leave their appreciation, feedback, suggestion or a simple 'Hello' to your blog. Secondly, a Contact page with your contact email ID, contact form and social profiles must be setup, so that they have multiple ways to connect with you. Thirdly, Follow buttons must be integrated, so that fellow bloggers can follow you back!

2. Adding the Share Buttons

It is mandatory that you provide a share-the-blog option below your post, else how will the word about your wonderful blog be spread through your readers? Failing which, many of your best blogs won't get as much engagement and appreciation as it should.

3. Knowing the Right time to Share the Posts

It is necessary that you should know the appropriate time to share your posts, like for example, Google+ users are active during morning, Twitter and Facebook users are active during the afternoon. So, getting a knack of this would help you to schedule the post sharing on social channels, in order to optimize the value your blog deserves. Also, using appropriate hashtags can add to the value.

4. Connecting with Influencers

A good network can really work wonders! Engaging with your social peers and Influencers and helping each other to promote content can help you grow audience and also promote your blog and identity.

Do you have any similar ideas to share? Have blogging-related problems to discuss? Why not share your views, ideas and opinions in the comment section.

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