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Why White People Fear and Hate Blacks

Posted on the 21 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

Studies based on published government statistics found that blacks were seven times more likely to commit murder and eight times more likely to commit robbery than people of other races.

– New Century Foundation. The Color of Crime (newly updated edition). 2016.

What more do you need to know? That’s driving a lot of it right there. That’s why I talk so much about Black pathologies with the purpose of how we can possibly ameliorate these behaviors – because I know that these behaviors are behind so much anti-Black racism. If you can reduce the behaviors, people will hate and fear Blacks less. Win-win.

That said, I find the idea that someone hates Alpha or Tulio because of that quote above (and a lot of White people do just that) to be profoundly depressing.

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