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Why Marketing is NOT a Four Letter Word When It Comes to Your Business Blog

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Waxgirl333 @waxgirl333

Why marketing is NOT a four letter word when it comes to your business blogDetermining the things your target market really cares about is essential when  setting up a blog for your business. You need to approach it from a marketing perspective, although the follow-through may not be -at least not in the traditional sense.  Many people  consider “marketing” to be the antithesis of a real blog– they choose blogging  to connect with their clients rather than “annoy” them with direct marketing.

The important thing to remember is that there are many parallels between direct marketing and setting up a business blog. In both instances you are attempting to reach the client to enhance your brand.  The true message here is that you can’t be afraid of marketing tactics.

We’ve discussed using your blog to test the water on choosing subjects. This time we’re going to really think like marketers – well, kind of.  Here’s what I mean:

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