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Why Manual Transcription Still Beats an Automated One

Posted on the 05 September 2016 by Beth Worthy @gmrtranscripts

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Why Manual Transcription Still Beats an Automated One

Automatic transcription with the help of voice recognition software has been done for quite some time, but most people agree that such transcriptions are not professional as they fail to meet a transcription's expected quality and accuracy benchmarks. This happens because the automated software is unable to pick out slurred speech and heavy accents, or if the voices are either muffled or garbled, that results in a low accuracy level.

Legal transcripts, especially, have to be of high quality, and manual transcription works the best in this case. Also, for depositions, court hearings, and other forms of legal transcription, a human transcriber is preferred as it needs to be transcribed verbatim. Also for those branches of transcription that have difficult terminology such as in medical transcription, only an experienced human transcriber can efficiently handle the task rather than an automated software.

A computer doesn't differentiate between speakers, nor can it replay audio several times just to discern an inaudible, or a difficult to understand, word. The manual transcription process enables elimination of such mistakes and produces the desired accuracy level. Also, voice recognition technology is unable to pick up differences in variations in dialect or cultural intonations as perfectly as a human transcriber can.

Manual transcription also recognizes background noises, and can never correctly identify a conversation lag or an entire sentence being skipped, apart from words or phrases being used incorrectly.

Professional transcription services need to be of high quality with a high degree of accuracy, speed, and delivered in a quick turnaround time. Although some people believe that manual transcription has become outdated, and will be eventually replaced by voice recognition technology, it remains the only way to ensure a high accuracy rate of over 98% as the above mentioned points indicate.

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Why Manual Transcription Still Beats an Automated One

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Why Manual Transcription Still Beats an Automated One
Why Manual Transcription Still Beats an Automated One

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