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Why It’s So Important to Maintain a Healthy Balance When Traveling

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture A few years back, I spent four months road tripping around the United States, basically living in my car for ten to fifteen hours a day as my buddy and I trekked through over thirty states. The worst part wasn’t the lengthy trips, but the affect they had on my body. Not only was my back screaming within the first few weeks of being glued to uncomfortable bucket seats, but my body was beginning to feel and react differently. Apparently, I had thrown off the balance of my system. Because not only had fast food done quite a toll on me, but I was beginning to not sleep right. And I couldn’t use the restroom easily as I could before. With these problems came on a negativity within my mood and my perspective suffered for being unhealthy and unfit during this trip.
Picture Each day, I would get up and follow the schedule that was set out for me, which always depended on what clients wanted and what the location required of me for proper coverage. So, each day I went farther off my balanced schedule, pushing my body further from being healthy. I noticed my waistline bloating and I no longer felt up to performing at such a high level, and ultimately was forced to slow the trip down by cutting certain attractions, so therefore my work began to suffer. Words began to come slow and my mind seemed fuzzy, and my mood was sour. Only until after the trip did I seek medical attention, as the problems continued to persist after I returned home, and I found out that by simply going against what my body had become accustomed to, I threw off the entire balance of my digestive system. For months, I worked to cure my body’s malfunctioning, by eating better, exercising more, and drinking more water. I stuck to a diet that my doctor suggested, and I saw minimal improvement. Months would go by, and I would still be suffering from these issues. That is, until my hundredth or more time of surfing the web for an answer. For some sort of hope.
I ended up purchasing something called a Squatty Potty. The name alone had sent fears through my nerves, but looking back, it was the single greatest change for my health at that time. Sure, eating better, more fiber, more greens, and intaking more water helps a ton, but if you’re physically doing something wrong, all of that won’t matter. Keep reading as I’ll better explain what I mean…
For starters, Squatty Potty is a company that specializes in stools that sit below your toilet, which allow you the ability to prop your feet up in a healthier position. We, humans, haven’t always used toilets to relieve ourselves, relying mainly on the positive affects of squatting. If you’ve ever camped in the woods and had to go out there, squatting is probably what you did to make things move easily. Because, when you squat, your body aligns better and your movements will flow easier. When you sit on a toilet, you suffer long and painful movements, because you’re sitting in the wrong position, essentially blocking the proper alignment required from our bodies. Through evolution, we may see a change in how our bodies react to our modern toilets, but for now, squatting is the best remedy for a myriad of bathroom-related issues.
Picture So, for me, I found that a better alignment and sitting position helped me move beyond the imbalance that my trip had caused, which helped me to cure the uncomfortable issues I faced each day. So, now, years after I first purchased the white plastic, original version, of the Squatty Potty, I thought it would be nice to feature two of their products here on the blog. For those who require the nicer things in life, the company makes a Slim Teak stool that is modern, sleek and slim, made of treated wood with a classy teak finish. The design of the Slim Teak keeps the bathroom classy and helps to disguise what the Squatty Potty is. The original white plastic version provides for a better stance and weight distribution, especially if you’re a bigger person, but the Sim Teak is sharp looking, which to me essentially provides the user with a way to incorporate the stool without the shame for when people come over. Another option is the Porta-Squatty, which is a folding gray stool, perfect for travelers. Its plastic shell is strong and durable, which is easy to fold and unfold, and is easy to hide or take traveling because it is small and travel-friendly, while giving the user the ability to carry the stool folded up and in a discreet carrying bag. So if this stuff makes you a little embarrassed, they’ve got you covered.
If you would like to find out more about the Squatty Potty, click here.
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