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Why Is Sexual Assault OK In Military ?

Posted on the 16 May 2013 by Jobsanger
Why Is Sexual Assault OK In Military ? There is no doubt that the "good old boy" network is alive and well in our military. We learned recently that sexual assaults are growing in the U.S. military -- in spite of the fact the Pentagon leaders have promised to do something about the problem. In the last year the number of reported sexual assaults has grown significantly -- and the number of unreported crimes of that nature are also believed to have grown.
Just last week, we learned that the Air Force's top officer in charge of preventing sexual assaults in the military (and stationed at the Pentagon itself) was arrested and charged with sexual assault. This probably shouldn't have surprised us, since there have been recent cases where a conviction for sexual assault by a military court has been overturned by a commanding officer.
Now we learn that a sergeant stationed at Fort Hood (Texas) has been arrested for operating a prostitution ring, forcing a subordinate into prostitution, and committing sexual assaults on two other subordinates. Making matters even worse is the fact that this sergeant was in charge (at the battalion level) for preventing sexual assaults.
Frankly, I don't understand why the military can't seem to get a handle on this problem. Our society at large has determined that rapes and other sexual assaults are serious crimes -- and criminals are being punished more severely than in the past (although more still needs to be done). But the military can't seem to shake off the old "boys will be boys" attitude.
This is unacceptable on any level. Whatever happened to dignity, honesty, and honor in the military? Do those concepts mean nothing when it comes to rape and sexual assault? I simply don't believe the military couldn't solve this problem if it really wanted to do that. They don't have any problem controlling other crimes -- ranging from insubordination to murder. And the reason why is because they consider those other crimes to be serious. It's time they started considering sexual assaults as serious also, and started treating those crimes the same way other crimes are treated in the military.
This is a problem of leadership, and leadership problems start at the top. If the military leaders in this country don't step up and take the appropriate action, then they should be replaced by leaders who will.

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