Why Having Panic Bars on Your Commercial Property’s Emergency Exits is Important

Posted on the 03 September 2019 by Locksmith Menomonee Falls @FallsLocksmith

No one who owns a commercial property ever likes to think about the need for that commercial building to be evacuated quickly. Unfortunately, fires, natural disasters, and other occurrences do come up and when they do a building needs resources in place to help evacuate people in a rapid manner. A big part of any commercial buildings quick egress systems is its emergency exits. This is especially true if a building has panic bar locks installed on its emergency exits. We will talk all about these well-designed fast building egress devices in this article.
Maybe you don’t know exactly what a panic bar is? That’s not a problem and you will be much better informed about them after reading this article. You will better understand what they do and how exactly they make any building much safer as far as its readiness to be evacuated quickly goes.

What Exactly Is A Panic Bar?

It’s no secret that trying to get out of a building in an emergency situation can be chaotic at best. When a fire starts or other building disaster strikes people do not always think and act rationally. Many will even panic. That’s why during this time people need to be able to quickly get out any emergency exit without much thought. This is exactly what panic bars are designed to do.
They are locking devices that unlock an emergency exact door with a bare minimum effort. Just a slight press on one and they open an emergency exit door quite easily. So easily in fact that even a child can activate one. Not only are panic bars great in times of emergency but they also keep emergency exit doors well secured in non-emergency times too.

Excellent Reasons to Make Sure Panic Bars are Installed on Your Company’s Emergency Exit Doors

These are the biggest reasons why so many commercial buildings make sure they have panic bars installed on their emergency exit doors.
  • Safety
Without a doubt, by far the biggest reason for installing panic bars on emergency exit doors is the safety they add to any building. In times when a building needs to be evacuated quickly because of such things as fire, bomb threats or a natural disaster, a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Panic bars significantly increase building egress time because of the way they are designed. They help gain the precious few seconds needed during building evacuations that help reduce the severity of injuries and prevent the loss of life.
  • Excellent security
Many people forget that the purpose of panic bar locks is twofold. Not only do they help make any building that has them safer during an evacuation but they also have to be designed in a way that they keep intruders from gaining entry into a building. Panic bar locks do a great job of both. That’s because there really is nothing on the outside of a door equipped with panic bars that can be tampered with too help gain entry into a building. All of the exposed working parts of a panic bar devoice are installed on the inside facing portion of an emergency exit door.
  • Compliance with state laws
Many states do a great job of making sure their citizens are well taken care of at all times and safe when inside commercial buildings. As part of this, many states require that emergency exits have special devices like panic bars installed on emergency exits. Buildings that are not in compliance with fire codes such as these may be forced to shut down until they are once again in compliance. Non-compliant building owners are always subject to pretty hefty fines if they do not have panic bars and other required emergency equipment in place at their business.
  • Lower insurance premiums
Insurance companies are big fans of commercial buildings having devices such as panic bars in place. So much so, that many times they are even willing to give premium discounts to conscientious building owners who have panic bars and other fast egress devices properly installed on them. This can result in huge yearly savings for any business owner.
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