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Why God Tells Every Christian Prez.wannabee "You're My Choice!"...God, Has a Sense of Humor!

Posted on the 26 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
If 'this' cast of characters are the ones who represents "GOD"...they sure make a very strong case for the virtues of Atheism!!
The marriage made in hell...Evangelical Christians and their agenda of an American Christian Theocracy, and the Republican 1%...with their Oligarchy agenda in a Ruling Class Society. The massive exploitation of ignorance, who usually votes against their own personal the name of "GOD". One group exploits the Religious Ignorance while the other exploits their Social and Political Ignorance!
"The United States is moving towards 'criminalization' of Christianity” a perfectly absurd remark, but when you have nothing else when you run on? Mike Huckabee, the GOP's  Harold Stassen of his Generation, running and running, and losing!...but always raking in the $$$. This good Christian fellow who loves hanging out with the filth of the music industry...and even gets right down into the rhythm with his bass guitar! His singing? the meanings of those songs truly inspire him! His own band is appropriately entitled "Capitol Offense"! And then, he follows that by showing his hypocrite side; 'Preaching' to his congregation all of God's Moral Values! If Mike Huckabee were elected President, he would also declare himself, Supreme Leader...The Ali Khamenei of Evangelical Christianity!
And these sleazeballs have the fricken gall to criticize Muslims for their theocratic form of Governments? But, to them; It's just Muslims "No" and Christians "Yes"...for these wise people, the Bible is the only book ever written! The Law of the Land, the Law for the entire world...Jews, beware! Muslims, beware! Hindus, beware!...Evangelical America has put all Religions on notice's their Crusade! and you know successful "Crusades" are when you add "Christianity"?!?!
Our next contestant, Bobby Jindal, believes Christians face “Discrimination” unless they’re allowed to discriminate!! This, from a man who openly discriminates against Gays, Education, Healthcare, Immigrants, and the Poor! Screwing the public while making them feel happy about it...because, it's all about GOD! The horseshit that flows out of his mouth is a testament to WC Field's "Never give a sucker an even break".
Then, you have an all-pro at this game, Dan Savage's favorite "Santorum". Yes! Rick Santorum, a Batshit Hall of Famer...and although this character doesn't appear to be running this time around...what would it be without  his infinite words of wisdom? "For the first time ever in U.S. History, Religious Liberty is under assault from a new Secular Theocratic System"  A "Secular Theocratic" system? basically a non-religious, Religious System of Government. A perfect Oxymoron from your perfect Moron!!
And finally you have Ted Cruz...but what can you say about the Next Messiah? The self-proclaimed savior of the Masses. The 'man' said to be anointed by GOD, slay the Anti-Christ and save the World! And we know this because Raphael Sr. knows GOD. I know GOD, GOD is a good friend of mine! And GOD spoke directly to him...Teddy is my Dragonslayer! he's going to save the world, pops!
None of these people have even a semblance of true Christian Values...they're just, money making degenerates.
My question: If Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal...and Rick the Santorum at one time...all said, they spoke to GOD, and GOD told each one of them to run for President? Who's GOD's pick? either they lied on who's the chosen one...or, it was GOD's strange sense of humor, giving the world, a little needed laughter at the expense of these Clowns?
Anyone who threatens the Supreme Court with retaliation and violence if they don't vote in favor of his or her cause...a dangerous sack of shit with no respect for laws or mankind!
Anyone who believes their Religion is Superior to others is an ignorant fool, it's all about superiority and control, not the virtues of Jesus Christ!  It's about the one common x-factor between Money and Religion...Exclusivity!!
This Week in God, 4.25.15 | MSNBC

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