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Why Croatia is a Favourite Destination in Cruise Reviews

By Andycockayne @andycockayne

It’s hard to imagine that just two decades ago, the beautiful Mediterranean country of Croatia was a no-go area for foreign travellers. Having fully recovered from the now distant war, Croatia is re-emerging in the cruise-tourism world stage. When scouring cruise reviews, it is evident that cities like Split and Dubrovnik have rightfully regained their top honours, and are consistency rated as two of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean region.

Should you happen to be one of the few visitors still in the dark about these Adriatic gems, let us tell you why booking an Adriatic cruise today will possibly be the best decision you’ll make all year! Not only will you get to enjoy some of the most picturesque sailing in the world, but you’ll also have a chance to delve deep into ancient history, and visit two of the best preserved Roman ruins in existence. The best part? Unlike cities like Rome, the ports in Split and Dubrovnik are right in the center of town, making a one day stop-over here simply ideal.

So don’t forget to fill up on a health breakfast aboard you cruise ship; the one thing we can assure you of, is that you’ll need all the energy you can master!

The Diocletian Palace in Split

The largest of all Croatian coastal cities, Split is an exciting and diverse cruise destination. The modernization of the city, over the last decade, has given way for some uninspiring new buildings; but the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is still an absolute marvel to explore.
The Diocletian Palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 300AD, takes center stage in town. Its sheer size testament to the opulence of the Roman Emperor at the time; the ground covers an area of over 30,000 square metres and its walls rise up to 26m!

The Palace is so well preserved, it is actually considered the best Roman Palace ruin in the world, and that’s quite a feat to boast about. It’s no wonder Split is consistently revered by cruise passengers, and rates high on the list of highlights in numerous Mediterranean cruise reviews.

More like a mini-city (rather than just a residential palace), the highlights to see within the walls are numerous. Don’t miss visiting the octagonal-shaped Cathedral St Domnius, the rectangle-shaped Temple of Jupiter and the circle-shaped Temple of Venus. Distant connections are also evident, primarily by the Egyptian sphinxes visible outside the Temple of Jupiter.

Get completely lost in the maze of cobblestone alleyways flanked by gigantic Roman columns, visit the numerous Museums and Theatres within the Palace and spend a full day shrouded in ancient Roman history.

For an authentic Croatian lunch, we highly recommend paying a visit to Marija and Ivan at Konoba Marjan, an unassuming but delightful local eatery right in the city center. If pompous airs are what you’re after you’ll be sorely disappointed…but if delicious fresh seafood cooked right on the spot tickles your fancy, then you’ve come to the right place!

The menu is not extensive, and changes daily in accordance with the catches; which only goes to show that it’s quality over quantity here at Konoba Marjan. The seafood platter for two people includes two whole fish each, as well as prawns, muscles, calamari and other local varieties. Considering a seafood splurge here will cost less than 50 Euros, we really consider this one of the best eats in town.

Stari Grad & Beaches in Dubrovnik

Lord Byron, who visited Dubrovnik in the 1800s, once remarked that the city was the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic”. Spend just a few hours here and you too will soon realize just how special this city really is. Dubrovnik has enjoyed a long and illustrious past and was, during medieval trading times, a major trading port second in importance only to Venice.

Whilst its Italian neighbours have long known about the beauty and historical importance of Dubrovnik, fellow European visitors have only recently discovered the coastal city’s appeal. With the help of recent cruise reviews, Dubrovnik is rising in popularity; so don’t miss the chance to visit this incredible city before the crowds converge!

The two main attractions here are the ‘Stari Grad’, the old town centre, and the pristine beaches, both attracting thousands of cruise passengers here every year.

The old city center is surrounded by two kilometres of limestone walls; it is closed to motorised transport, making it a most delightful walking destination. The mix of Medieval and Baroque buildings, alongside trendy and new structures, is a feast for the eyes. The best way to take in the major highlights is to join one of the many summer-time walking tours offered by the local council. A guided one-and-a-half hour walking tour costs just 22 Euros, whilst a more comprehensive three-hour tour costs just over 30 Euros. Both can be booked directly online with Dubrovnik Walks.

As far as beaches are concerned, in Dubrovnik the world really is your oyster! Choose from innumerable pebble and sand beaches and come see for yourself why the Adriatic is considered one of the most pristine seas in the world.

The beaches at Lokrum are a treat for seafaring explorers, just don’t forget to pack some sturdy shoes and try avoiding the evil sea urchins. While touring the old town you’ll soon notice that locals and visitors alike take full advantage of the fact it is set right on the sea. Pack a swimsuit for the day and enjoy a refreshing swim after your walking tour is over. City beaches are clean, relaxing and extremely convenient if one day out in Dubrovnik is all the time you have.

For an idyllic (and sandy) getaway, then head to Lopud and enjoy a typical Adriatic paradise. Great for families with small children, the tides are gentle and there are plenty of shallows for the little ones to swim in.

Be a smart sailor and check out Croatia cruise reviews before you book your trip. Take advantage of other people’s experiences and find the trip that’s best for you. Book in advance for this popular section and you’ll be assured of a very memorable trip.


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