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"Who Won" the "get-the-kids-to-stop-street-racing" Episode of Adam 12

By Bertyc @bertyc

see it on Hulu for the admission price of 3 commercials per break. Good time to check your email, facebook, etc
the show is gaggingly contrived, as if cops wrote it with no clue as to when entertainment and sledgehammer PSA messages don't mix, but it must have satisfied the head mucky mucks in broadcasting at the time to be on the high moral ground... as I'm pretty sure it only irritates anyone looking for entertainment, a show on drag racing, a cop show, detective work show, etc etc. Dick Clark as the head of police? Sheesh. Total 180 from the teen friendly image as American Bandstand "Americas oldest teenager" image he'd built for years
Some where among the episodes, they had a Hemi Daytona, here is the sales slip:

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