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White Trash and Ghetto and Subcultural Negotiating Styles in Blacks and Whites

Posted on the 10 April 2013 by Calvinthedog

Jasmine writes:

How many whites are “white trash?” I am not ghetto and my IQ tested at 151. How come if a black person smokes pot and drinks that means they’re “ghetto” when white people do that all of the time without any label?

And I saw someone talking about black people rallying around MJ? And? Are you blind to the fact that a great deal of his die-hard fans are also white?

And look at how many NON-blacks have rallied around Zimmerman who, racist or not, is a murderer and behaves like a sociopath without a shred of remorse for killing an innocent teenager.

People see things through tunnel vision and I’m sick of it.

And what are you referring to when you say that that man is a “real black”? What is his accent?? What is a “black” accent??….

Were you joking when you said that Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle’s comment was astute??? You can’t be serious. You were joking, right? I’m honestly asking. I feel like I’m reading a joke blog…..

First of all I would like to congratulate this young Black lady for her 151 IQ. There are very few Whites with IQ’s that high and much fewer Blacks. I hope she can use it to go far in life. If more Blacks had 151 IQ’s, we wouldn’t have nearly so many problems with them.

This is certainly not a joke blog, but it is extremely non-PC or even anti-PC.

Certainly quite a few Whites are “White trashy” to one degree or another. Some of my White friends are even White trash to one degree or another, and I don’t mind that at all. In fact, in this part of California, many of the Whites are “White trash.” I have a certain amount of respect for White trashers, and I would much rather live around them than live around ghetto Blacks. White trash is really just a White uncivilized mode similar to Ghetto Black. Many White people negotiate and travel in between White Trash and Civilized modes the same way that many Blacks negotiate Ghetto and Civilized cultures.

Unfortunately, around here, we refer to a person who has a certain amount of “ghetto” in them as a “real Black.” It’s not exactly a compliment, but it’s not calling them a ghetto nigger either. A lot of these people are the “floaters.” For instance a friend came over here to help me move some stuff. While he was here, that retired schoolteacher lady rang the bell and stopped by. I had told me friend about her and he met her for the first time. After she left, I said that’s the woman I have been telling you about. She’s not exactly ghetto, but you know? Yeah, he said, I know. She’s not ghetto, but she’s definitely a real Black.

A Black person deeply immersed in Black culture, we call, “a real Black.” The more civilized ones, we call them, “White Blacks,” as a joke. My friend says, “Yeah, but they’re not even Black. Those are ‘white Blacks.’” So in the crowd I run with, White = civilized, and Black = ghetto and uncivilized. Of course a Black person can be as “White” as any White person, depending on how they act, but then we do tend to call them “White Blacks.”

In certain surroundings, some of my friends use the word “nigger.” I can use it too around them, and I do sometimes. Almost always the word “nigger” refers to an uncivilized or ghetto type Black. It’s seen as uncool, taboo or even racist to call one of the “White Blacks” a nigger. In my circle, we call that racist. There are also many folks in my circle with whom I can’t use the word nigger, and that’s ok.

My handyman has a very deep Southern, “Black” accent. There is no reason on Earth for him to speak that way. The man was born and raised in Fresno, California. We call Blacks outside the South who speak with deep “Black accents” to be “real Blacks,” at best!

Zimmerman is my hero! He is my main man! I don’t see why he should have any remorse for killing that thug bitch. He did the whole world a favor by killing Trayvon. It was a “public service killing.” One less ghetto Black in this world! Praise the Lord!

Of course I do not think that a Black person who drinks and smokes pot is automatically “ghetto.” Actually they could do even worse drugs than that and still be non ghetto, but it’s not that common. Unfortunately, most Black drug users are at least somewhat “ghetto” types. In many cases, they are the “floaters” who I described in my piece, who navigate between Civilized and Ghetto modes. Most of the “White Blacks” want so hard to be non-ghetto that they often are very straight laced, don’t drink a lot and often don’t smoke pot either because they associate all that with the ghetto culture they are trying to escape from.

Hizzle von Nizzle’s comment was very astute, and was not particularly racist at all. It was certainly in line with Liberal Race Realism, which is partly what this blog is all about.

It’s not necessarily ghetto to rally around Michael Jackson. A lot of non-ghetto Blacks rallied around him. Here is Hizzle von Nizzle’s excellent comment:

Blacks, in addition to being heavily conformist and consumerist (i.e. blowing all their disposable income in a kind of arms race over sneakers or spinning rims) are also deeply oppositional. If they see that whites generally don’t like a black person (i.e. OJ Simpson in the early 90s, or Michael Jackson in the 00′s) they will rally around that black person. Similarly, a black or blacks who perceive that the white people in their environment are made uncomfortable or angry by “ghetto” behavior will increase or exaggerate their ghetto behavior in order to rankle the whites.

Also, insecure blacks (either insecure in their melanin density or masculinity) will place a premium on their ability to navigate black street culture (think Toure or Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC). Sharpton and Jesse don’t have to act. They are from the sewer.

I certainly agree with this comment in part if not in whole.

Blacks are very oppositional in the US.

I am not necessarily sure that Blacks always escalate their ghetto behavior thing when it seems like Whites do not like it. In fact, they may well turn it off.

I used to teach school in Compton. There was a Black secretary there at one of the schools I was working at. She was kind of nice looking, and that was before I had given up on Black women. I walked into the office, and she and the other Black women in the office were speaking the thickest, most horrific Ebonics you have ever heard. It disgusted me, as to me it sounds “sloppy” and “uncivilized.”

A lot of these Black ladies were pretty civilized types who dressed and behaved themselves at their office secretarial jobs. Blacks who work in schools have to act good. The ones who act bad simply do not work in the schools. Even at the worst ghetto schools, most of the Blacks who actually work there are more or less pretty good people.

Anyway, I walked in at the end of the day, and I was checking out. This one Black woman liked me. She had the most insanely massive tits you have ever seen and she was rather pretty. She immediately and completely turned off the Ebonics crap 100% and went into “civilized White person” mode all because of me. She was also acting really flirty. All of the other Black ladies in the office were like, “Whoa! She likes him. Get him, girl!”

I can think of countless other cases when Blacks have modified of shut down their ghetto behaviors just to deal with me or other Whites. It happens all the time. Do they sometimes turn it on too? It is hard to say. Maybe if they think you are hostile to them, but I usually try to act really friendly around most Blacks, even ghetto types.

I also do not agree that Sharpton and Jackson are from the sewer. I don’t mind either of them. They are more idiotic than anything else, and I consider both men to be quite civilized.

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