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Whisky Tango Foxtrot Is McCain Doing In Syria. I Know The POS Is Selling The World Out Again.

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

I Am so sick of McCain and the rest of Washington. TPTB have just about backed us and Israel into a corner. We can’t be like Europe and sucumb  to Islam, I mean how’s that working out. Hate to go all UN-PC on ya, but ….

Screw Any Muslim Who Believes in a Caliphate , and The Camel They Rode in on.!! :-x

This is my opinion and not the opinion of FOTM

——————————————– ~ Steve ~ ——————————————-

First He Went To Turkey……

by sundance @ theconservativetreehouse

Republican John McCain is just as dangerous to our nation as his new BFF President Obama;  Perhaps more so….


n 2009 McCain went to Turkey in support of another BFF of Obama, Prime Minister Erdogan.  We tried to warn….. it fell on deaf ears.


Turkey has descended into a hardline Islamist state, no longer the moderate secular nation it once was.

In 2010 McCain joined the chorus of fools proclaiming that Egypt needed support to overthrow Hosni Mubarak, and claimed the Tahir Square protesters would give a new rise to freedom.  We tried to warn…… it fell on deaf ears.



Egypt quickly and intentionally descended into a hardline Islamist state.  Now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and facilitating attacks against Israel as they continue to advance their extremist Sharia ideology.

In 2011 McCain went to Benghazi in eastern Libya.  There he joined with Obama/Hillary’s toolish BFF Ambassador Stephens (pictured below to his left).   As Clinton, Obama and Stephens, together with Susan Rice and Samantha Power Rice structured, yet again, the Obama Doctrine [R2P] by arming the “rebels” who were in actuality al-Qaeda.  We tried to warn….. it fell on deaf ears.



Eastern Libya became a hell hole of radical Islamist jihadi’s.  Eventually they brutalized, raped, and murdered Ambassador Stephens while dragging his body through the streets.  Three other Americans were also killed.


Eastern Libya is now an al-Qaeda launching base, and the media hides the reality to protect Dear Leader.

2012 was an election year, so other than lying and covering the death of Stephens behind all manner of irrational nonsense excuses to cover for their short-sighted failure;  luckily the election cycle made the crew of U.S. usurpers wary of involvement in Syria.

But now here we are in 2013, today, yet another McCain trip to yet another Middle East nation to support another batch of “rebels”.  This time the Free Syrian Army (aka al-Qaeda in Syria).  We’re not going to even bother with warnings this time……



What will happen is what has happened before.

The “Resistance, or Rebels, or Freedom Fighters et al” will be called such by the mediauntil they are armed, and in charge.   Once that happens their ideology will surface, they’ll be viewed as radical Islamists;  And after they chop up a few folks, launch some terrorist actions against the U.S. and Israel, their name will evolve in the media to ”al-Qaeda”

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