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Whiplash Wednesday – Up and Down Markets Make Investors Sick

Posted on the 01 April 2015 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

SPX WEEKLYWow, what a ride!  

I told you yesterday morning we would be looking to test our strong bounce lines intra-day and our targets were:

Dow 17,850, S&P 2,060, Nasdaq 4,905, NYSE 10,910 and Russell 1,245

While the S&P and Russell did manage to hold our lines, once again our 5% Rule™ managed to nail the action despite the wild swings with a total miss of 105 points out of 36,970 index points – off by just 0.28%.  We made a similar prediction last Thursday and missed by 0.17% – so it's not a fluke.  This indicates to us the TradeBots are firmly in command and we'll be able to use that to our advantage to make some aggressive Futures calls in our Live Member Chat Room.  

Yesterday morning we called /RB (Gasoline Futures) long at $1.75 and caught a ride up to $1.77 for an $840 per contract gain.  We have inventories today and, if we get back around $1.75, we'll be liking that trade again for another bounce.  That's right cheapskate readers – it's April 1st and that means it's time for your quarterly free picks!  

Whiplash Wednesday – Up and Down Markets Make Investors SickAt the beginning of each quarter, we like to share a few of our picks with the free readers so they can earn enough money to pay for a Membership.  Last quarter, we reviewed 11 FREE trade ideas from the previous year that made turned $110,000 (ish, at $10,000 per trade) into $221,392 – up 101% in less than 13 months with only one loser out of 11 (9%).  

Our first free trade idea for 2015 was a long play on /NG (natural gas Futures) on Jan 5th at $3 with a target of $3.25-$3.50 and we hit $3.35 on the 14th, which may not sound like much but /NG contracts pay $100 per penny, per contract for a $3,500 per contract gain.  We were also in and out of oil and called the up move on /CL (oil Futures) from $50, which topped out at $54 in Feb for a $4,000 per contract gain.

Whiplash Wednesday – Up and Down Markets Make Investors Sick

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