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Where Gang Violence Meets Domestic Violence Against Women

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Local Fox News reports on a shooting by a "family member" which left one woman dead and her sister wounded.
A longtime community activist sees the shooting as endemic of the scourge of street gangs and their influence in the area. Larry Ligas, Chairman of Logan Square Concerned Citizens, said he believes the gunman is a member of a local street gang that police have been working to eradicate.
The block the shooting took place on and in particular the building where it occurred was a location that has “kept coming up” in meetings with other community residents, police and elected officials about neighborhood violence, he said.
“The gangs are getting mean, and organized to protect what little turf they have left,” Ligas said. “Even if it means shooting their own family members. They aren’t above shooting their own family members. Their gang comes first -- before their own family.”
If the gang explanation is true, the fact that she was a woman in incidental to the story. But gun availibility is always part of it, don't you think?
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