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When It Comes To Cars, Korea Is The New Japan

Posted on the 06 August 2011 by Gerard @presurfer
When It Comes To Cars, Korea Is The New Japanimage credit
Hyundai and Kia have sold more vehicles to Americans than all European automakers combined through the first seven months of 2011, and they're growing faster than any other automaker. It's not a great time to sell new cars, what with people not having cash or jobs or homes that are worth as much as they thought when they bought them with money they didn't have.
Yet Hyundai has seen sales grow by an astonishing 23% this year, while Kia, its semi-autonomous budget-brand partner, has recorded 28% growth. Those are records for both companies. Here's how South Korea's automakers have the rest of the world on the run.The Presurfer

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